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Day 323: Ordinary Days

Some days on holiday are 'nothing' days. Astonishing things don't happen; epic sights aren't seen. Some days you have quiet lunches in little diners and read a quote that moves you in the restroom (what was it again V——?). Some days you find out there is a thrift shop down the road and spend a little time browsing and eavesdropping on the volunteers talking about the flatmates that annoy them and the horror movies they are going to watch tonight, and then hear them telling someone they can have the unpriced box brownie camera for ten dollars because the other camera they have in is fifteen and it has a case—the sensation that comes with that person knowing they just scored a major bargain is palpable and joyous.

List_Addict               Irene

Some days you drive across the flatness between two lots of mountains and when you approach the range on the other side the sky is piled with clouds that have crashed up against it and formed lenticular clouds (see below) that explain the numerous sightings of 'ufo's' on this extraterrestrial highway. And you stop in petrol station/shop/cafes in towns, with populations in the two figures, where the local constabulary and sundry are gathered around the only table and everyone stops talking and looks your way when you walk in. There is an Australian women serving there? In her fifties at a guess: she tells us she ended up here on her spiritual quest. She wears a name badge with 'Shell I Am' on it and takes it in her stride when, on returning the 'why are you here?' question, we tell her 'to look for spaceships'. 'Yes, the best spot is under the mountain over there. We meditate and it brings them to us. I've seen them, big as football fields.' Some days you pick the motel in Alamosa that has the best internet coverage all holiday, and walk out in the freezing, full mooned night to have Italian dinner as the only diners in a place the other side of the Rio Grande when it is still a little river underserving of it's name. Some days are extraordinarily ordinary.

Clockwise from top: Spaceships or clouds?, morning views from our balcony in Ouray, Samsung Siri getting in on the 'alternative' road name game

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Dalmation Cardigan: Thrifted, Savers Las Vegas
Scarf: Op-shopped
Leggings: Target
Sunnies: Gifted, Oroton
Boots: Dr Martens

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time. I thought of you yesterday when I encountered ridiculously cheap vintage frocks at a thrift store :)

  2. The mundane routine of work by contrast, now only reinforces how much I miss our special Holiday. Oh to have that time back again.........


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