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Day 326: Minus Seven

List_Addict               Irene

For the information of anyone new, transient or lost, my posts are all over the place. I wanted to post on this project, everyday, for a 1001 days, but am hopelessly behind and flailing like a just-caught pike to catch up. Posts in the early day-three-hundred-and-teen or twenties, like this one, are all about my recent million-years-ago holiday to the States. Unfortunately, though, I have run out of pictures of me wearing things in the States and so for the rest of the tale about my trip, we are back to 'Who Wore it Better?', featuring clothing items thrifted on my holiday. Today is the first such day. I picked up this little dress at the Savers in Lubbock, Texas (claim to fame: birthplace of Buddy Holly). Poor V—— was ill. Stoicly he waited in the car for me to spend ages looking for clothes and I certainly ended up with a trolley-worth. But a trolley worth of items I was instantly in love with comes with the five-items-at-a-time change-room dilemma. What happens to the treasure-trolley? People will surely covet what I have and steal it while I am in the cubicle. (Yes, I do have a low judgement of my fellow humans.) So I tried on as much as I could in mirrors around the store, and then I spent some (futile) time trying to get V——'s attention through the window of my store and his car so he could security-guard it, and finally I figured it was worth the three dollars to take it home untried. It is a hundred percent plastic, but a hundred percent colour too, so I think it was three bucks well spent.

Did I tell you that bad weather in the States seems to follow us? We went to America in 2010 and drove from Florida to Washington, D.C. On the evening we got to Washington, there was a blizzard. I was driving. We are talking about people who do not see snow, let along drive in the stuff, on a normal day to day basis. Or ever. Poor V—— had to hang out the window of the car to tell me if I was in a lane on the freeway. We just made the last train from the drop off point for the vehicle at the airport before they closed down the train system and we spent a day in the city where not a single thing but one Starbucks and one McDonalds was open. I believe the White House is, but we couldn't see it against the snow. Same thing happened this trip. An unseasonal 'cold snap' hit the states which I thought were the ones free wheelin' American retirees pointed the noses of their RVs towards for the winter months because they are warm. Reports said the storm would hit overnight. In the morning we found ice on puddles but no snow. As we headed out of Santa Fe towards Roswell, we started to encounter snowy roads and the dashboard instruments kept warning us of 'low outside temperatures'. We spent the majority of the day at minus seven. Celsius. We didn't pack well for this. It is generally okay. You can't spend too much time outdoors, but you can bounce from heated vehicle to heated building. The only problem for the day was that there wasn't that much between here and there, and so when that (girly) point was reached, the one where it was 'I need to go to the bathroom—NOW!!', the only option was a turn off onto a quiet country road and a run into a bush. At minus seven with a windchill factor of 'eek', that wasn't a pleasant stop. We also made the rooky mistake of thinking that some water on the windscreen would make visibility clearer. Mmmm. No. Sheet of ice. But despite all this coldness, we still managed, after a dinner accompanied by the largest and yummiest michelada ever (for the uninitiated: Tabasco, other spicy things, piles of lime juice and ice, a salted rim, and with a dark Mexican beer poured on top; the Mexican version of a Bloody Mary and simply divine), to stop in at Dairy Queen for an ice cream. It wasn't busy in there.

Clockwise from left: Our views for the day; the bush; colour in the snow: cool/tacky roadside souvenir stores

The Outfit
Dress: Thrifted, Lubbock, Texas
Kinomo: Op-shopped
Shoes: Myers

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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