Day 348: My Favourite Colour

Who: Melanie at Bag and Beret

What: The Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show

When: A while ago (have I told you trying to buy a house keeps getting in my way!)

Where: At, around and in the vicinity of ACCA

Why: Do you even have to ask?

Who Else: B—— for the photos, Melbourne Bike Share for the props (although I did pay for that, and we spent so long riding around getting moving pictures that they charged me again so I am not really sure why I am telling you about them: this isn't a plug, except that they are quite cool!)

What the ?: Sunshine incarnate in the form of a yellow skirt travels the world searching for women, bold and beautiful, who make it their own for a day, or a week and share their own take on its joyous light with everyone out there who thinks that being an exceptional individual with the daring and bravado to walk your own way, strut your own stuff and be your own you is a good thing! That's my take on it, but you can read the full story on the link to the skirt above. Make sure you check out all the wonderful women by whom the skirt has passed.

The Outfit
Skirt: Melanie at Bag and Beret
Jackets: Both thrifted in the US
Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Retail
Earrings: Retail
Shoes: Irregular Choice Hook Line & Sinker

Photographer de Jour: B——

Who Wore It Better?

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  1. I adore the yellow skirt, and you've done it proud! xox

  2. (reposting in case the last one disappeared...) Hahaha! Wonderful, just wonderful styling of the yellow skirt! It was worth the wait. Seeing her billow on your bicycle is a joy. Thanks for participating in the Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show. I am gobsmacked how each woman makes the skirt something completely different, as you have done here. Thanks again. I'll shall do a post on this soon.

  3. OH YES, how joyful! Love it, the skirt, the shoes, the attitude. Hope you were singing loudly as you cycled.

  4. FABULOUS!!! I love your dress version of the infamous yellow skirt! Absolutely charming photos...the bicycle, the flowers...well done! Your accessories...the petticoat, the hosiery, and the shoes....FANTASTIC!!!

  5. Shared on Google +. My fav part of the outfit is the pinafore ~

    Cheers from a fellow TYSFS wearer.

  6. I adore it! You did it wonderfully, bravo!!!

  7. I have seen this traveling skirt in some how you styled it!

    BTW, I host a weekly link up on Thursdays and hope that you will join me.


  8. These pictures are fabulous! Stopping by from Shanna's link up : ).

  9. Beautiful animation! Showcasing the skirt's volume and foofiness! JJ

  10. GORGEOUS!! I lurve the actions shots!

  11. Fabulous incarnation of Yellow Skirt - what wonderful action shots and excellent accessories! Beautiful!!!

  12. Most excellent biking adventure with the yellow skirt and heels ever. And who is that headless stiff wearing your clothes? She's got nothing on the real thing, you that is. Bravo!

  13. Oh you have done the skirt proud!!! Great styling. I don't want to repeat what Sue said, but I totally agree with her. Were you not afraid the skirt might get caught in the wheel? Such a delightful way of modelling. I cannot say what I prefer, the coat on it or the shirt. They are both perfect for the skirt. And the shoes.... ah the shoes... fantastic.

  14. Beauteous and bright and bicycle-bedecked! Just when I thought the TYS had been through every incarnation and amazing location (it was in the Rijksmuseum, for chrissakes!), you have added a whole new dimension - motion. Just brilliant! I love the blue bike, and those amazing shoes. You have truly done justice to this piece of international sunshine!

  15. Fantastic!!! Especially the shoes.


  16. Who I have seen some of the pictures of the travelling skirt, fab pictures. Stunning outfit aww amazing shoes :)


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