Day 51: On the Indeterminable Nature of Time

It is getting increasingly difficult to do 'new' every day. I do, on the other hand, feel almost ashamed that fifty-one days in I still haven't repeated an item of clothing, and have only repeated my bare feet or thongs/flip-flops in the shoe department. It is almost obscene. In a way, as the 'new' options dwindle, I am getting excited about being forced to use items again in more interesting combinations. I was spying on the Sartorialist today: spying, drooling, coveting—I can't narrow down the right verb. They were showing the Anna Sui Fall Collection. It is stunning beyond belief. I hate to say it, but if I cant find enough pattern in my wardrobe to emulate some of these looks, I will have to go on the op-shopping warpath to further clothing ownership, despite everything I just said. In a way I feel that op-shopping is not about consumption so much as it is about moving existing items round through different people's wardrobes. Two things come to mind from that statement: one, wow! good attempt at justification, and, two, maybe, if one of you likes something (within limits, shoes excluded as it would be like giving away your children) I have already worn, maybe we could swap items around to see what we can do with each other's items. Just an idea.

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And p.s: I wore my tie before I saw this. See, told you I was so far behind in fashion that I am actually in front.

Which reminds me about the nature of time. How can you go back in time if you don't know which direction time goes in?

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Cardigan: Op-shopped
Tie: Op-shopped
Shoes: Hand-Me-Downs from my Mum. Could technically have been pinched. Original, awesome seventies suede boots!

Photographer de Jour: V—— (no exclamation mark)

Who wore it better?

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  1. Time is a concept of the mind, which in reality doesn't really exist. There is and will only ever be NOW. The NOW is eternal, on a vertical line whereas the past and future run on a horizontal line. You can only live in the NOW. It's timeless.


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