Wear 86: This Is A Serious Question

At what number do 'shoes' become 'too many pairs of shoes'? Does such a number exist? If I were to say to you that, including such practical (and irrelevant because ugly) things as sneakers, hiking boots, slippers, gumboots, climbing shoes and flip-flops, I have sixty-one pairs of shoes, which side of the number would you place me? I only ask because I have been on this shoe-do methadone program in which I manage my shoe addiction with regulated and controlled buys, rather than allowing myself to rampantly shop for shoes at whim—a storage nightmare—and my six-monthly dose is due. I am just wondering if you think that maybe it was time I cut loose from the placebo drugs and tried to make it cold turkey on my own in the world of 'occasional shoe purchases'. Am I ready? Is this the year, with this project in full-swing, to make such a bold move? And moving on from silly questions, how does the sound of six more pairs strike you? Excessive? Just about right? Conservative?

List_Addict               Irene

These are the ones that, by a long, harrowing, time-consuming process I have narrowed down to the absolute essential finalists. Clockwise from top left, here are their names: Silver Sunset; French Villa; Calm Breeze, Alaska, Chocolate Banana Smoothie, and, Bloxy. Now, I am happy to take suggestions and feedback that could possibly help me to narrow this field even further. I cannot guarantee I will pay the least bit of attention though. I mean, Silver Sunset, Alaska and French Villa are flats (technically, just a couple of them are on higher flat ground) and I need a couple of pairs of sensible shoes. And yes, Alaska and French Villa seem to be very similar but they are quite different colours and textures and their decoration differs vastly. There are lots of t-bars, but they suit me. And lots of flowers, but they differ—some have grapes with flowers, some have frogs with flowers, some have flying pigs on hearts with flowers, some are just flowers. I think I can challenge any argument. Help me! Or just encourage me. Either appreciated.

Another plug! B—— got another piece of ceramic artwork into the Toyota Community Spirit Gallery's Time and Tide exhibition for emerging artists. It is one of my favourite pieces. She and forty-nine other emerging artists have been chosen to exhibit and sell their works in the rather funky Toyota building on Bertie Street in Port Melbourne (just up from the post office, the Bunnings and the bikie headquarters—have to love Port Melbourne's diverse culture!) Dominant themes of the chosen artists included water as a connecting element and living and surviving in the twenty-first century. It is open to the public monday to friday, nine-to-five. Go and have a look. You can also buy a car if you want. It's fun to be in buildings, idly looking at art while everyone else is working.

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped (peplum—so en trend!)
Skirt: Ball gown purchased for a ball, co-incidently, but much more fun as everyday wear, worn before
Bracelets: Op-shopped and Retail shopped
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Patty'

Photographer de Jour: V——

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  1. Now it is reported that Imelda Marcos had in excess of 3,000 (Three Thousand) pairs of Shoes, so based on that number I believe you are well and truly entitled to a few more pairs yourself List Addict.
    It's something you are passionate about, so go for it. Life is too short. You are not wasting your hard earned on Cigarettes, Booze or Gambling.

  2. I'm not convinced the answer is a number, instead a test:

    1. does your shoe collection cause you to be late for work? (if yes, are you likely to get the sack? If not, doesn't matter, if you will get the sack, oh well, you didn't like that job anyway)

    2. does your shoe collection cause you to neglect housework (if yes, don't worry, just go out more)

    3. does your shoe collection hinder your relationships with friends (if yes, they are not true friends, true friends understand a passion for shoes)

    4. does your shoe collection interfere with watching "Elementary"?
    (hmmm, some time and / or storage management require here)

    In other words, in answer to your question "At what number do 'shoes' become 'too many pairs of shoes'?", I quote the legendary Hardy Sir James commercial "C'est impossible!".

    1. I think I pass the test. I have you and VP on the side of yes, B on the side of no. At this stage yes is looking like the winner. Hanging out for your next posting!!!!

    2. Ah yes, maybe tomorrow. I have paper napkins full of notes on two events, just got to find some spare time not taken up by my daughter, housework, my new coursera course ("A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behaviour" - spoiler alert - everything we do is irrational) and just plain exhaustion.


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