Day 114: He Hasn't Ordered Chianti Yet

You may be reluctant, but I think we need to talk about Hanninbal. The TV series. Have you tried it? I was never a big one for the movies. I think I have seen The Silence of the Lambs and some, if not all, of Red Dragon. Never read any of the books (anyone know if they are worth it?) But I am quite entranced, and slightly confused, by the series. The confusion I have just cleared slightly with a quick and faith-taking perusal of the Wikipedia page for Hannibal Lecter (Character). My memory of Red Dragon was too sketchy to realise that the series appears to be based of the synopsis of that novel, the relationship between Lecter and an FBI agent, Will Graham, who has an inane ability to imaginatively inhabit the minds of serial killers and make the necessary mind-leaps to help catch them. I was thrown by the usual vision I have of Lecter which is of him incarcerated. Here he is free and frequently cooking meals consisting of organ meats of dubious origin. I have seen him described as an anti-hero. I suppose that is the way he is coming over; with all the creepiness and unease that accompanies that title.

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But let's talk about my entrancement. Firstly, though insanely macarbe, I am finding the cinematography stunning. Or the sets. Or the combination. It is art. Art at its best in that it unesettles you with its combination of beauty and horror. And Lecter's spaces have this odd time-capsule feel; different times in different places—his office, his kitchen, his dining room, and, I would oddly venture to add, his appearance. There is a crafted drip-feed system of information regarding the whys and wherefores of the characters that keep you holding out for more information. And coming back. And the storylines are intriguingly grim and unearthly. I think I have a fascination. I am not sure I want to delve too much into it. But there must be enough people who do for these shows to exist with their morbidity and death and evil. Maybe because fiction (for the most part) sees the crime solved and a notion of the otherness of the perpetrator revealed, it makes what would be, if it happened in reality, unspeakably and incomprehensibly evil, almost comforting. Evil that can be caught and stopped, by our heros like Will and Gibbs and Horatio and Patrick Jane and John Reese, is palatable. I used to love Crossing Jordan for being the crime drama with the best score. Now I love this for being the most visually beautiful. I cannot recommend it. It is too bizarre for that and I don't want to steer you a way you may not like, but I'm hooked and I think it has a cult status coming. Which is also something I don't want to think about too much.

P.S: Dreamt last about op/thrift shopping in the States. Already. There are still months to go. I have dreamt about op-shopping in the past and the clothes I find are so amazing. Does put the pressure on reality somewhat. I wish I could get off my butt and find time to sew. I could make some of these amazing pieces. I might start journaling them for the day when lots of sleep is no longer a pre-requisite.

The Outfit
Dress: Primark
Shirt: Op-shopped, my 25 F(or) 25 challenge piece for today
Earrings: CCJJSS
Shoes: Dr Martens

Photographer de Jour: B——

Who wore it better?

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  1. After seeing a couple of episodes of this I'm having a hard time finding a character that I like. I find Dr. Lecter 10 steps beyond creepy. All those shots of him eating just make me ill.

    Initially I found Will likeable enough but now...not so much.

    I agree about the unique "non-time era" that it is filmed in. The choices of the clothing and sets jump around and it is difficult to define especially with reference to Dr. Lecter what year it is.

    I personally would like to "unsee" a few scenes that I believe I could have lived my whole life without. ( I don't know if I will ever be able to eat mushrooms again).

    It would seem that the flavour du jour is overtly gory and disturbing TV series.

    On the whole society is so inundated with porn, violence and the combination of the two that I think we are all becoming desensitized to it.

    Now boys as young as 13 or 14 think it's perfectly natural to rape a girl when she is passed out and put the photos online bragging about it.

    Other people share ways on how to kill yourself online.

    Sexting is "normal".

    Pedophiles share all their loads of photos online. They also teach how to groom potential victims.

    You can learn how to build a bomb online.

    You can learn how to kill people on TV. Just look at any one of the many shows that break it down in detail.

    It's not a bright picture I'm painting here. Once a person is over-exposed to any type of behaviour they view it as normal.

    I told my husband I didn't care about watching Hannibal anymore. I've had my fill of killing in sick ways. Give me MadMen or Downton Abbey.

    I won't swear off Dexter since I've invested too many years to leave that on it's last season but I really do feel that it is time to go back to something with more substance than just horror, gore and sex.


  2. Mmm. I have that show in the can. Working up to watch it but something is preventing me from looking it. Your fantastic narrative on it has left me no closer to pressing play yet.


  3. Notwithstanding all the bad things on the Internet, on the positive side there are inspiring and wonderful sites like yours List Addict!
    Looking forward to The U S of A and many a Thrift Shop.

  4. I love how you wore Docs with this floaty dress.
    I know the guy who played the decapitated man in Red Dragon. Does that make me special? LOL.

    1. I always rate highest the people who know headless people!


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