Day 121: Milngavie to John O'Groats—465 Kms

I seem to be having a sporty-spice kind of a week. Runners one day, hiking boots a couple later. I am not a fan of this outfit but there are a couple of reasons why I wore it, and a couple why I don't like it. I wore it because I fell asleep on the couch. (Disrupted sleep pattern between shifts; lack of fore-planning of outfits; running late). And, I wore it as an example of 'walking fashion' for a friend at work. Well, 'walking practicality', not 'fashion' as such. My friend is walking the Coast to Coast in the UK later this year and had been asking me about that most sticky of fashion questions: to plastic pant, or not to plastic pant. I always, always, err on the side of not. The UK can be rainy though, so what is the solution. Merino. I am happy to wear a plastic top when the water is actually falling from the sky, but my theory is the same as kilts—wet wool becomes warm with the body's own heat and drys quickly when the rain stops. I wear shorts, merino thermal leggings, gaiters if the terrain calls for it, and rain be damned. This of course doesn't work if the temperatures are freezing, but I wouldn't walk when they were (getting stuck on the top of mountain in a snow storm in the middle of summer notwitstanding!)

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And not liking it? Brown shoes and black outerwear—no-no. Hiking boots being the second, no, third most ugly shoes in the universe behind sneakers and crocs. And lastly, because I pretty much wore this outfit for eight weeks during my last walk and I am, frankly, over it. But I will be all too happy to pull those brown f-uglys back on for more hiking when the time comes again. And with all this talk of plastic alternatives today, I pulled out leave application forms and started filling them out. Those last four hundred odd kilometers won't walk themselves. I just googled Milngavie to John O'Groats and the road route is four hundred and sixty-five k's. Oops Better take six weeks off then. Yay, three holidays planned now. Where can I go after that?

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped
Jacket: Icebreaker (possibly the most expensive clothing item I own!)
Shorts: Target
Tights: Retail
Shoes: Meindl

Photographer de Jour: Lady D——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Can't believe you don't include ugg boots in the top three ugly shoes of all time.

    Glad you are turning to unfinished walking business. Look forward to Le Jog again.

    Brunch soon
    mushy stuff


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