Day 128: Black and White Makes Grey

There is the black and white camp, and there is the shades of grey camp. But regardless of how much you think you belong to the former, my extensive lack of research has shown that everyone becomes grey at some stage in their lives by a process known as double standards. Okay, maybe not everyone. But many, many, many of us. Take flirting for example. If someone who you are not interested in flirts with you it's sleeezy; when someone you are, it's exciting. Same flirting; double standards. Our councils are currently considering charging dog-walkers a fee to use public parks. There is already a fee to boot-camp operators to do the same. Here comes my double standard (one of). I am happy for the fitness dudes to pay a fee but I reckon the dog-walkers should be able to run free. There has been much discussion around this in the household (yes, we could possibly find a better topic, but we like this one thanks very much). Dog walkers interact with all the other dog people at the park. It is social. It is community. Boot-campers hijack space so that others then can't run in and out of it with a ball or a frisbee or a bichon frise or a mutt. Not without disturbing somebodies burpees. And the burpers believe its their right to burp uninterupted. Boot-camping is exclusive, dog-walking is inclusive. Maybe you wouldn't agree if you are a boot-camper. Maybe you wouldn't agree if you prefer cats. Maybe it is black and white after all: if 'A' happens then 'B'; if 'C' happens then 'not B'. That's my dollar-ninety-seven worth. (Inflation)

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Public apology: My friend told me today that her mum is named Irene and she is under eighty. Did not mean to upset any young Irenes.

Public confession: I accidently bought some Black Milk leggings and a bathing suit. Like I need another bathing suit! The credit card just fell onto the keyboard and coincidently landed on the exact number of itself and the send key in order. It was the definition of infinity in motion. Almost beautiful.

Public reminder: There are only eight decision making days until the weekend spectacular and outrageous dressing opportunity otherwise known as Eurovision. Plan, plan, plan. You don't want to waste watching time trying to come up with a last minute outfit. I cannot wait to see what everyone in blogland wears on the night (or nights—there are three of them after all!). What? Sorry? You don't normally dress for it. Are you mad!

The Outfit
Dress (under): Op-shopped
Dress (over): Hand made
Cardigan: Op-shopped
Shoes: Myers

Photographer de Jour: Poo-Bee

Who wore it better?

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  1. Time to vote out your councillors

  2. I understand your logic, but it was a bit dizzying to get there. So I'll just say, I like that outfit! The two types of dots and the skirt-under-dress is cute!

  3. Sorry to make you dizzy! I get excited :) it's a steam of consciousness thing.


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