Day 135: Dont Send Him Off With Your Hair Still In Curlers

Feeling better because I am discovering the alien is getting around. When it was just me I felt it was personal and the little critter was after my kidneys for intergalactic harvesting. Now I can just be grateful it is probably general all-round bad public hygiene.

This is small in the blogging circles I hang out in like the unpopular kid, but I am awfully chuffed to have reached the ten thousand page views yesterday. Or, one of these days, they're all a blur. I am sure about a tenth of the views are from dodgy Russians (as opposed to lovely honest Russians, Welcome!), but I am choosing to ignore that and the unusual referring sites they fly in with. Whatever you do, don't click on them!! It is very hard. Sometimes I think it must be a mistake and the truth is that someone has found me and made me famous on their huge website. Ah, delusion. You are so comforting.

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In the build up to Eurovision weekend, I have been researching outfits to wear. I googled 'Eurovision Outfits' in images, and then nearly fell out of my chair when there, five rows down, just behind Abba, Jedward and Lordi, was a picture of me!!!! In my kitchen, before I fixed it up. Looks so much better now. When I got B—— to see what looked odd about the search (without telling her what she was looking for), she spat out her tea with laughter. This is why the internet is dangerous. You never know when you'll turn up in a search and choke your best friend.

And speaking of which, B—— has jetted off today for a six month holiday on the Continent. The real Continent, not all those other fake ones—Europe. I recommended watching Django Unchained, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Jack Reacher, The Hobbit and The Rise of the Guardians on the flight. She has read Life of Pi, so although I wouldn't, I did suggest watching that as well. I am sure she will reject all but two of those suggestions. Why do I bother? It was odd to throw her out at low speed at the departure gates. Those one minute 'loading and unloading of passengers' areas (always makes me think of Flying High: the white zone ...) are not condusive to a proper goodbye. Especially when forty-three people start unloading a dozen large cardboard packages each from the vehicle in front. 'You might want to get in before them', I said. And with that, she was gone. B——, I hope you have a fabulous time and that the cough disappears soon as a sign that you are taking each day for the wonderful adventureful thing it is. Meet fabulous people, write fabulous things, enjoy fabulous moments. Lollii, V—— and I will see you back before you know it so make the very most. We will, of course, be making the most of an empty house—although there will be no nakedness except on Lollii's part until a better heater is installed! Enjoy and love you!!

The Outfit
Orange Dress: Op-shopped
Apron: Borrowed
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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