Day 142: On The Selfie and Its Influence

I often see bloggers lamenting, praising, cursing or extolling the selfie. More on the negative though? No? I myself am a little over the selfie. If I have to be honest with myself. But instead of taking that cavelier and calm approach to this fact, I used a very broken night of sleep (Lollii has re-discovered the winter joy of being under the blankets, but insists on going in and out about three million times a night; she is incapable of doing that herself though and so face-stares me from a millimeter away until I wake up and let her in—if puppy-murder didn't leave you bereft without your puppy, I may have looked into it last night (not really)) as an excuse to completely melt down at my poor photographer-de-jour (good one, meltdown about selfies on a day when you don't have to do one) about how depressed I am about selfies and taking them in the kitchen with its horrible black wire (I took three in there!). Okay, it wasn't my most rational moment. The poor boy ended up driving me through industrial estates when he should have been napping for night shift, in order to find somewhere with light. The selfie lacks something the second-person photo has. I don't know what it is. The hardest thing about this blog is that, as a fiercely independent (read 'loner', 'recluse' or something similar) person, I am so reliant on others to make this blog as good as I can make it. (I wish I had another me; and then for a million other reasons I am so glad I don't.) It is a lesson in humility that I don't think I am learning very well. I do appreciate you my lovely photographers. I just wish you could give up your normal lives and willingly devote yourselves to just this task. Too much?

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Am I too old? I don't understand social media. And it all moves too quickly for me. There is a new thing now. The Shelf. It's Pinterest for shopping. What is Pinterest for then? Just looking? Wishing? And The Shelf is your wishes come true? If you have enough money? I now have one shelf, with one item. I suppose if I was a proper fashion blogger it would make for a handy way to show others where can get your stuff, or make those outfit boards. When I started this particular project at the beginning of the year I became more aware than I had been before about what an industry blogging is. I was blissfully unaware. No more. The Shelf is another blogging opportunity. Like Lookbook. I am not sure if I can be bothered being that kind of a blogger. I don't think I have the time! Obscurity, you and I are going to be friends for quite some time—let me show you my shelf, oh, and my lookbook. P.S: I think both my shelf and my lookbook will be gone by the time I get back from holidays.

The Outfit
Shirt: Howard Showers
Dress: Op-shopped, Vintage Hawaiian cross over in delightful seventies polyester!
Belt: Retail
Tights: Retail
Boots: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. lovely dress, i'm still on the shelf but i'll head off now and look at another one.!! lucy

  2. LOL

    Just what I needed...a virtual shelf to fill!



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