Day 163: CSI: Melbourne

The outside of my house is a secondary crime scene. There is stripy tape with 'Police - Do Not Cross' on it. I'm assuming; I didn't really look that closely at it. This is probably not the best way to advise the loved ones. By blog. But it is four a.m. and it would be silly to ring them and wake them up to say everything is fine. But there was a little incident. Everything really is fine. Well maybe not so much for the poor man involved. And don't you wonder why things happen the way they do? Like when I used to ride to work in Kensington and I always crossed Footscray Road super-quick when the pedestrian lights changed, but one day, for some reason, I hesitated and a car ran the red at high speed in the lane I would have been in. Don't go all God-y on me, I will not listen. Seriously, blocking my ears now. But there is something serendipitous about it all. Same tonight. Why, when I would normally, on nights when I finish at two-thirty, jump on a blue-bike and pedal home did I, randomly and out-of-characterly, catch a cab home tonight (just because of a little harmless rain and a cumbersome umbrella). I would have been blissfully unaware if I had.

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I don't really want to delve too deeply into it, suffice it to say that there was a person in need of a phone call outside my house when I got home, that my area is as subject to some of the horrible things that happen to people in other places (you always think it only happens elsewhere) and that one of my least favourite inflictors of pain were possibly involved (my top five runs, in no particular order, thus: shark bite, machete, razor blades on a water slide, rotting slowly from wounds sustained from crocodile teeth and dentistry). It was very odd to be on the other end of a police radio conversation. And even though it seemed all very surreal and remote at the time, there do seem to be many jump-inducing noises happening since. Think I'll head to bed now for an ostrich-under-the-covers approach to the evening's events. Odd day.

The Outfit
Kaftan: Op-shopped Vintage Hawaiian (and I can't believe I wore it to work, but ironically its pure plastic constitution makes it a better winter outfit—it's way too hot to wear in summer)
Snood: Retail, over very big hair
Boots: Irregular Choice (according to May Cleo, this is the en-trend boot height)

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. Eeeeek! Spooky. But at least your sixth sense is keeping you safe.

  2. Wow! Hope you are ok!

    I assume it was a machete incident, the other four don't seem to fit.

    Did hear about it on the radio but a bit rattled that you were involved.

    Stay safe.

    love always

  3. Dentistry outside your door?!!! That is definitely an emergency. But seriously, I'm glad you are fine and that those spirity things that keep you safe are working. And that you are able to listen to the whatever-it-is.
    I LOVE that swirly blur photo - it seems to capture the surreality of the incidents.

  4. Scary. I'd be freaked.

    Glad to hear you are fine...if a little shaken.


  5. Mmmm scary.

    The kimono/kaftan is really neat - I think this would have looked great at work! Thanks for sharing with Wardrobe Wednesday


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