Day 205: A Bedside Manner

According to a Sunday magazine I was reading today, circular skirts are in (they accentuate the waist), and Dr Google is out. Aawh! Dr Google is my go-to doctor. Apparently, and this is just a rumour, but apparently he is not a hundred percent reliable. I dislike doctors. Humungous generalisations follow, but I find them to generally be disinterested and disassociated idiots with only money and time on their minds and an over-riding dislike of women. It may be bad luck with who I have come across. It started with the doctor who, in my early teens and on one of my first solo forays into the consulting room, didn't feel it was necessary to advise a teenager that glands, which apparently needed checking, are situated in your groin, before plunging in. I avoided them for the most part after that. Recently, and only because I needed a certificate, I went to one. I thought 'while I'm here' and proceeded to ask about poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. A relative had it, and I thought it maybe explained why I find it so hard to lose weight. He googled it! The cockroach had no idea. I decided that if it was good enough for the 'professionals', then an Honours student researcher could surely do it too.

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As a result I have to tell you that I have gallstones. I had to leave work part way through yesterday with what I thought was gastro or a really bad reaction to either milk or instant coffee. After the longest home-bound trip ever, I was in bed and the pain started. I've had this before so I knew what was coming. It is quite an experience. I mean, I am bad with pain, but this is pain on another level. I was trying the buddhist approach of entering it rather than fighting it, but it just meant it was more like hallucinating. I ain't birthed no babies, but I think I birthed some gallstones and I think I now speak with experience. Yes. Before you all rush to tell me I should really see a moron with a fifty percent pass rate and a BMW and an inablility to feel empathy real doctor, the less virtual people in my lives have spent all day trying that line out already. It's easier to stay away from greasy foods. Although ... I didn't really have any to start with. Must have been the goji berries.

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  1. That sounds awful.

    I too hate (maybe too strong a word, on second thought, maybe not strong enough) doctors. I have done everything in my power to avoid them at all costs. Sadly this year I wasn't so lucky and ended up in emerg for a full day in the worst pain of my life. 4 IVs of morphine wasn't enough, I had to have dilaudid and that was the only thing that touched it. Much to my dismay I am now scheduled for an operation in a couple of weeks. I am hoping this will put the whole mess behind me. You know how it goes with Dr.'s though...they think they know what they are doing and then ...they need to Google it.

    I hope you are feeling better.


  2. I hope you're fine - I thought I had several more days of catching up to do...
    I hope that loving your gallstones will make them behave but if they don't, time to get brutal.
    What a moron doctor. He could have least waited till you left the room or asked you to turn around, I mean, aren't some of these things part of Body 101 or something?
    Really, I hope your okay.


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