Day 237: Maybe I Can Revisit the Byzantine Again

It's Sunday somewhere in the world and so I am being social with A Complete Waste of Makeup and Ashley Lately. But I did change the questions a little to suit my southern hemisphere circumstances.

Q: What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer winter?

A: I loved getting away from the cold for just a moment to Thailand in late May. But how could I not love it? Sun, pools, cocktails, Thai food, the reading-snoozing-swimming roller-coaster that is to die for. But I also liked the few 'photo-shoot' days we had when the boy took me to random places in Melbourne and we did bulk photo-shoots for this blog. Sorry if that spoils the illusion that I wear these outfits on the days they are shot. Some of them are awfully whacky and my colleagues already think I am strange. In truth though I am wearing more and more of them—even if it is a diluted version—which is definite fashion progress on my part. The places we went over winter: Catani Gardens, Princes Pier, Williamstown, the You Yangs and the Dandenongs.

Q: What was your favorite outfit look/clothing item of the summer winter?

A: Tights. I have had an aversion to tights for many years, but recently I have jumped back on the bandwagon and now I can't get enough. Curse you summer for your impending intent to take my tights away from me!

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Q: What is one thing you wish you’d gotten to do this summer winter?

A: There is a day-trip I used to do when I was a travel agent (because it was free, and fun). You start at the bus station at about four in the morning and get driven up to breakfast at the base of Mt Bulla. You collect your skiing or snowboarding gear, your lift pass, your voucher for your two-hour lesson, and your hot-chocolate voucher and head up the mountain for a day of either skiing or sitting on your bottom in the snow with a board stuck to your feet wondering why you didn't pick skiing. At the end of the day it's back for dinner at the bottom of the mountain and a sleepy bus ride back to the Melbourne CBD. Even though now I would have to pay for it, I miss doing this every year, but somehow never get round to it.

Q: What was your favorite song of the summer winter?

A: I really need to listen to some 'modern' music one of these days. Is there something wrong with me that the only music I listen to is on the walk to or from work, and that it is golden oldies, or music older than that again? I like silence. Too much stuff gets forced into my ears at work. I like to give them a rest. So I don't have a winter favourite. But if you are insisting on an answer, I did discover, through So You Think You Can Dance, Michael Jackson's 'Dangerous' which has a quirkiness I really like. But goes on way too long and I inevitably press 'next' before the end.

Q: What was your favorite movie/tv show of the summer winter?

A: I loved the spectacle of Now You See Me, but not the ending. I loved the beautiful macarbre of Hannibal. I loved hating/loving Elementary. I love that we thought we had finished watching The Following but we missed four episodes—now the non-sense makes sense. I loved, love and am still loving So You Think You Can Dance. I love that there is so much I still have to explore—if I want to. I love that there are a couple of interesting looking shows coming our way: The Blacklist and Hostages to start with.

Today's A/W 2013 outfit is inspired by Dolce and Gabbana as you can see here and here and here. If you can't have sumptuously embroidered fabric, you can go the next best/faux option with pattern. Can't you? I don't mean to imply any sort of actual fashion recommendation here. I'm not fashion qualified (you may have realised). This collection is stunning. I am feeling envy. If I could choose an outfit for my very own, I would have trouble picking just one!.

The Outfit
Dress: Thai Market Stall
Top: Op-shopped
Tutu: ModCloth
Earrings: CCJJSS
Shoes: Op-shopped, Vintage

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. Great post, sounds like you have amazing holidays. Love your dress :)


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