Day 297: Friendly Skies

I have some very exciting news to share with you. And also some other very exciting news that I will tell you about today. The first news will wait for a post, soon to come, dedicated just to itself. But the photos today are taken in a park on the way back from doing the exciting thing. The park is in Euroa, Victoria. You can see some Australia bush in the background, and, of course, I am twitching for native species of bird. There is a Major Mitchell cockatoo, and a galah; a black swan, a native hen and a seagull (there is always a seagull); a crested pigeon (they're so cute); and a rare and elusive myna bird. I didn't get photos of the birds. Did something happen if it isn't on Instagram? I leave that for you to decide. The outfit is based around the vest I was 'clearing from the closet', but in the process I have decided to clear the t-shirt as well. Bonus. Now I just have to work out which one to photograph again. It is a numbers game; can't waste a post on two items! The outfit was curated by B——. She's fond of a theme.

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Today's news? We booked our flights to London. O. M. G. No matter how many times I go walking, I still look forward to going again. I will not be able to stop just because I come to the end of what is ultimately an arbitrary destination (Land's End to John O'Groats, see my progress so far here). To date I have walked a total of 1471.9 kilometers in a circuitous, or winding more accurately, route from Land's End to Inversnaid, a tiny, hard to reach, village on the edge of Loch Lomond in Scotland. This year I am taking the boy. Previously I have always walked alone. This will be interesting. It will completely change the dynamic. Frankly, I am scared. I am sure he is a little as well. If, for some reason, one of us 'disappears' during the walk, my suggestion would be to search bogs for bodies. Inversnaid is a village on the West Highland Way—one of the many long distance walks which along with country roads and public right-of-way paths, have formed my patched-together route. The next day after Inversnaid is said to be one of the hardest. A walk along a path with a cliff going up on the right of you, and a cliff going down on the left. Possibly not the best day for a novice to start on, and so we are going to start the West Highland Way again from Milngavie (pronounce mull-guy). That will give us a five day warm-up before what is described in the literature as 'by far the roughest section of the Way, where the path makes a tortuous route along the side of Loch Lomond with many ups and downs'. I must try to remember (because I never have a guide book on me—too heavy) that at one point on this day there is a signal that calls a ferry to come and take you over to the town of Ardlui where we can either give up for the day, or at least have beer. I was planning to tell you more about the flight we booked, but I tend to run off at the mouth about the walking whenever I possibly can. And I was going to tell you about the safety videos on Air New Zealand, the airline we used for our American trip, by tenuous links that go like this: we booked our trip to London; we booked premium ecomony with Virgin Atlantic (eek, sorry credit card); we booked that because we loved the skycouch on Air New Zealand so much that we can't go back to sitting next to strangers; Air New Zealand has the most amazing safety videos; let me tell you about them. But I have spoken enough this post and that will be another thing you will need to wait for. Sorry.

The Outfit
Clearing the Closet: It’s time to go complex vest. I like you, but I don't wear you and I think I won't like you anymore by the time I can actually fit into you.
T-shirt: Op-shopped
Vest: Op-shopped
Shorts: Op-shopped
Necklace: Lovisa
Compass: Kathmandu (and faulty, I believe. It seems upside down in the Northern Hemisphere—and no! it isn't just that I don't know how it works!!)
Binoculars: Gifted
Socks: Gifted
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Love Bug'

Photographer de Jour: B——

Who wore it better?

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  1. I can't wait to hear about the safety videos. In fact I think I've seen one before. They are funny right?

    I can't believe how long you've hiked. And alone. I don't think I'd care for that one bit. What if an errant serial killer is on the loose? I've lived in Scotland…there is nothing around for miles and miles. No one to hear you scream. I am glad you are taking the boy with you this time. I won't need to worry about you being dismembered by Hannibal Lecter's cousin. The one that likes woody wild mushrooms with his sweetbread. I tried to look up sweetbread and came across this super disturbing bit..
    Seriously??? WTF???
    Okay now that you are properly freaked out I love your vest : ) and those Bay City Roller socks with the fabulous shoes.


    1. I'm going with the what-I-don't-know-won't-kill-me theory. Although I do think you maybe got me to not know less there. It'll be fine. I know what happens in my own city with a little too much detail and I'm still alive. Those bogs may come in useful for me or the boy too if one of us gets seriously annoyed with the other. There is actually no better holiday than walking though. I love it! I wonder what the Internet watch dogs think of your 'search history' now :)


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