Day 305: Your Closest Exit May Be Behind You

A promise is a promise; even if it is late. Do you watch the safety videos on planes? Or are you like me and thinking 'Yeah, yeah, I already worked out how to fasten the seat belt, I don't have a small child next to me and if that gas mask falls, I will be making my last appeals to any possible deities and expecting the worst; I also don't need to know about a slide coming out of the door-well in the event of a water landing, because beside that freak landing on the Hudson, most of those things don't go well'. We have great scare-tactic television shows to prove it. So most of the time I just pretend I'm watching but usually zone out or listen for grammatical errors. But Air New Zealand has come up with the right formula—they've made them funny, and they've made them often.

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The video on the way home was enjoyable. It had a Middle Earth theme with some quite notable guest stars. The only notable guest star I wasn't sure inspired great confidence was Gollum. He was illustrating the strip lighting to follow in the case of an emergency. It was a little too 'snakes on a plane' for me. I was glad I had elevated legs thanks to the sky couch rather than the thought that Gollum was skulking around under my feet, whispering 'precious'.

But on the way to the States the video featured Betty White and was shot in a Florida-style retirement village. It was hilarious. One man stowed his hand luggage under the seat in front of him on the patio. Betty, he said, this package contains a rare antique. Really, said Betty. Yep, your sense of humour! Boom, boom. The brace position was demonstrated in a golf buggy, and the water landing in the pool. We had two flights and I savoured every minute, each time. If you want people to watch your in-flight videos, then this is the way to guarantee it. I think they even have a version with Bear Grylls. Other airlines, take note!

The Outfit
Clearing the Closet: It’s time to go too-much-work-required-to-fix-you-up black poncho thing
Dress: (Recently) Op-shopped
Poncho-thing: Op-shopped
Belt: Thrifted; Savers, Lubbock, Texas
Tights: Retail
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Chocolate Banana Smoothie'

Photographer de Jour: B——

Who Wore It Better?

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  1. Polkadots, colour, a pussybow, flowers and tights? Love!

    Thank you for joining Wardrobe Wednesday!

  2. I love the outfit you've put together!! Especially that dress. Actually I think that poncho type cape thingy does work really well with your dress.

  3. Ha ha! I need to check online to see if I can see them. They sound hilarious.

    Very striking outfit and photo. I would have loved it in a larger version so I could include it in my top five. If you can send it at least 1000 pixels wide to : )


  4. Amelia said to vote for you, so I did. (Been ages, I had actually forgotton about the voting buttons at the bottom.

  5. Now I want to fly Air New Zealand, their safety video sounds so funny! WestJet does add some humour to their spiel as well. Loving the photo of you in the breeze.

  6. Great to have found you.


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