Day 345: Keeping Me Busy

Oops. I think I got 'blog three times a week' and 'blog every three weeks' mixed up. Here's what is keeping me away from the written word:

The Tour. De France. My one and only sporting go-to. I couldn't gives a fiddle about World Cup soccer or the upcoming Commonwealth Games (unless there is going to be diving, gymnastics, synchronised swimming or ice skating). But the tour will keep me up well, well beyond bedtime—and I am talking about my bedtime, which is well, well beyond anybody else's bedtime. How good was the day with the cobblestones? Sensational riding—they still averaged out at a ridiculous amount of kilometers an hour and came over the line looking like they had just finished Tough Mudder. A tough Mudder would probably have been easier. Talk all you like about drugs in the Tour de France, there are some who don't indulge—I am convinced. You can see it in their faces. And what they do is incredible. Plus there's the scenery.

The flu. What? Again? If this keeps up maybe I will have to start getting the virus injected into my arm, and the bag of sweets, after all. Then if my theory pans out that I will get the flu from having the injection, it will at least be three times less than I'm currently averaging per year.

The house hunting. It continues. I know it seems like a long time but what you have to remember is I work shifts, my other half works (different) shifts, showings happen on Saturdays. The chances of those three things lining up are similar to some rare meteorological events, and also requires two pieces of cardboard, one with a pinhole in it, to safety protect your eyes while viewing. We have been home from holidays for five weeks, but have only been able to go looking for two days in that time. Saying that, we do have a house on our radar. I don't want to put the mozz on it, so I won't say much here, but keep your eyes peeled for more news. Trawling the Internet for other options and getting the finances sorted are taking up a lot of thinking-time, if not doing-time as well! I hate tax. So much. So, so much.

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The fashion mags. A dear friend at work is finding and passing on a treasury of fashion magazines for me to pour over. I've said it before that I can never justify buying them, but who can resist looking at them. They do take up a fair bit of reading-at-work time that I then make up at home with reading instead of blogging, but they do remind me of a couple of the most important things in this 'fashion blogger' game: don't take it so seriously, and, do take it over the top!

The [name omitted]. [Name omitted] and [name omitted] are running, during July, their inaugural [name omitted] fitness challenge. The idea is to do [detail omitted] in [detail omitted]. I haven't gone out of my way in any awfully extravagant manner to exercise, but I have walked to do errands, walked to work a couple of times and done some walks during work, around and around the car park. I've had four days unfortunately where I scored a grand total of zero miles, most often because I spent the whole day in bed, but I am just short of thirty [detail omitted] so far and don't doubt I will make it. I don't have a car. It is amazing how creative you get avoiding walking. I wait for the boy to go shopping to do mine; I catch the tram to work. I was about to post this blog when I noticed that the ladies organising this challenge had started another one for next month. I went to sign up. In their rules they stipulated that people had to be doing some sort of organised gym class or session to qualify for time spent doing it: that 'errands' or 'travelling' and similar activities were not valid, and that people who thought they were, were cheating themselves. Until then I had felt proud that I had, to some small degree, stepped back from finding the lazy way out of my no car situation. I wrote them a friendly Facebook note and de-joined the group. But it doesn't mean that I will get back precious blogging time, because despite not being a 'proper' exerciser, I am going to continue trying to get my moving ratio higher. Just on my own this time.

Speak to you soon: maybe this week, maybe in three weeks time!

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  1. Ahh, stay away from the flu! Good luck on the housing search and the Tour de France, however. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, too, and stay well. xox.

  2. That last paragraph is what I imagine it is like to read a redacted file from the CIA. LOL

    Sending you good house hunting vibes : )


  3. I get super sucked into fashion magazines, too! haha

  4. Free fashion magazine!? Gaaa. It's like a dream come true, but only if I could have chocolate and drinkies at my side with them. And then the option to de-join (love that word) my work-out group. Yes, I remember how you love The Tour. Enjoy! Fashion and cycling. It's all good.

  5. I agree with you, any movement should count, even the steps from you bed to the loo on those days you don't "get out of bed".


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