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Wear 380: Dear Metrol ...

Dear Metrol [Corporation who runs the Melbourne, Australia, train network],

Firstly [It's always best to sandwich complaints or criticisms between some more positive feedback, so I am going to do that], I wanted to congratulate you on your recent refurbishment of Flinders Street Station [one of the main CBD stations, housed in a magnificent Art Nouveau building]. In the morning sun, the new paintwork glows like part of the sunrise and truly warms my heart, making me glad to be alive and awake: A fine effort for someone coming off a twelve hour night shift filled with, frankly, idiots!

The tiles are shiny, the new advertising screens on the escalator approaches are blindingly advertisey, the new barriers are barrier-y, even if they have shrunk the available walking space [which is so convenient for a person going contra to the morning flow of selfish %^$#holes who were already impossible to flow against! (Not!) Sorry, wasn't meant to be at the complaining part yet. Don'…

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