Wear 375: I Stopped Blogging, But I Didn't Stop Shopping

Oops! My house is ready to pop with clothes. Shoes. I lie in bed at night and plan storage under my house. It keeps me awake. There is really no other option but to start blogging again.

Are you guys still out there?

So. What you been up to?

I've still been watching you all. Some of you have left this mad world (of blogging), some have flourished and grown and expanded. Joy to you all in whichever path you have taken. Personally, I don't know why I am back—except for the shopping addiction. I have never been the 'blogging for a living' type. I don't know why. It would be more creative than what pays my bills now. But I don't think I'm that person. I'm anti-social (or, as I like to think of it, socially inept). I don't like to sell myself (yeah, I know I'm posting pictures of myself on the Internet, but I'm talking hard-sell). I like to do what I do, and be what I want, without feeling I need to move with, or stay with, a me that is based on what I represent rather than my foibles (I imagine that happens to some extent). I talk more than I show (this is really just an excuse to blather, with a few pictures thrown in).

All the posts I have done in the last year or so, have been on this same existential theme—I'm hoping I can get onto more blogs shortly that will actually be about something else. But I think I am coming back to this for myself. I'm going to lay lower than ever. Blogparty selectively or rarely. I'll come over and speak to myself. Share some photos. And if anyone out there is reading, or looking, then 'Yay!', but if not, 'Oh well *sad face emoji*'. (I say that until I have no visits, and then watch my ego go silly!) We'll see how it goes.

Long-time-listeners may notice I changed the look. I'm playing. Not sure yet. (Feedback appreciated.) It's more grown up. It echoes a move away from my crazy addiction to Irregular Choice shoes and onto things marginally less flamboyant. Or pink. I did toy with going the whole hog and changing platforms—even to a paid platform. But the small print scared me away when I am not sure of my commitment. I can't yet even fork out $10 to upgrade a widget to have Instagram over on the side. Especially as I have no side. Where did my side go? I actually like the look of this template but feel lost without my sidebar. I don't have ads, so it doesn't matter from that point of view, but would people go to the effort of looking for my links if they aren't right there? You're the people—let me know. We live such fast lives, maybe we don't have time for the extra click.

On the subject of growing up, my shoe buying may have got more sensible, but my styling hasn't. I'm still age-inappropriate, and always will be. My desire to get smaller before I blog again is a pipe-dream, and so I'm not, and I am trying hard not to care. I'm just being me in the clothing I find fun and interesting to wear. In fact I can't wait to be even older and be able to be eccentric. My hat is pre-loved from a magnificent bizarre Mr Earwig discovered in our 'burb-but-one, and I see it's a Paris?, Milan? it-hat on the streets. Co-incidence. My oversize Hoodie is ASOS. I think my spotty dress may have come from Choies. I'd have to be hypnotised to recall where I bought the tights, but the boots are Harley Davidsons and came from Nashville. And the badges are all from my waitressing days in London, a long, long time ago, when I wore big loud ties with badges on them as my personality, rather than the full ensemble.

I'm excited! Photos are lined up. I'm going to do it. I'm going to speak often and loudly. I'll wear the things I bought. The shopping will be justified!

Photographs shot by Mr Earwig
And shared where people can be whoever they are:
Patti at Not Dead Yet Style
Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb


  1. Great to see you again! Your "new" look is still you, creative and expressive. Thanks for coming over to link up, xox


  2. Pleased to meet you! I don't think our paths have crossed before. I like your style. I also have an addiction for Irregular Choice shoes. In fact I ordered a pair today!


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