Day 233: I'm Really Upset Because ...

I'm really upset because I keep having to go to work. When will this terrible round-about stop and let me off? Why is it too much to ask to be able to have a wage for doing what I want to do rather than what the 'corporation' wants me to do? A decent wage. I really don't understand why it worked out this way. Why couldn't I be landed gentry? Who's in charge? I need a word.

I'm really upset because the weather is getting warmer. I don't want winter to end. It's tree-tricking weather. It will make the blossoms think they can come out, but then blast them icy with a small reversal. But it is a portent of the end. I'd hate to have no season changes, but does summer have to be in the equation?

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I'm really upset because I got my electricity bill. I think most people are. It did make me not use my heater for two days, so there is that one benefit of the tree-tricking weather. Today I staved off the cold for a little while with a twenty-thousand-page-visits dance (it doesn't compare to the big, or even the medium sized guns' blogs I know, but it's not bad for my little not-for-profit silliness). But in the end the whole thing about having to go to work means I can spend that hard-earned on heat. So it's back on tonight.

I'm really upset because I slept through my alarm (again) and just about missed an opportunity to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in years. Just about. Luckily we did catch up. Don't you love friends you can chat to as if you saw them last week rather than three or four years ago? It was lovely. And there was almond croissant.

I'm really upset because someone has written my book. One of them. It's called The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot by Robert MacFarlane. It explores the relationship between man and landscape through walking, particularly walking in Britain. I know that there can be more than one book about this, and that my book would look at it in another way. What is upsetting when you see a book like this is that it reminds you that you haven't written it. There is a simple thing to be said about what makes a writer. It's merely the act of writing. Am I a writer if I don't have a book?

Today's A/W 2013 outfit is one hundred percent inspired by Louis Vuitton's slip and dressing gown collection. See some examples here and here and here. I like bedroom fashion. And, for your info, only man-made fibres were hurt in the production of this outfit. If I had to, had to, had to choose one item from his A/W 2013 collection for my own though, it would be this one.

The Outfit
Slip: Op-shopped
Coat: Op-shopped
Wrap: Op-shopped
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'I'm in Vegas'

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Don't despair it will be Power Ball to the rescue. (soon)

  2. I hate it now that summer is on the way out and it seems like with all the illness in my house this year we didn't even enjoy it.

    I guess it must be too hot in summer there for you to enjoy it.

    I love the faux fur and the colours you've mixed here.

    1. I really am sorry you have had such a hard summer and I hope you are feeling better soon. I know your summer is quite limited so it was bad timing. It's great to have you back though and all my best wishes for you.

  3. I love summer. Admittedly I don't really go outside, so I probably just love the memory of summer from my childhood when we had six weeks off from school, every day was hot and I spent them all in the backyard pool.

    1. A pool makes summer bearable. I always wanted to put on in the back yard with stepping stones to the washing line in the middle which can double as in-pool bar stools!

  4. I'm upset about having to go to work, too. I need my husband to write a book, which will then be sold as a screenplay and I can quit working. It's just a matter of time.

    Funny, I just read a post called Positively Friday, looking at all the positive things that happened during the week. You're my antidote to that!

    1. I think you should write the book Val! Or you can as well, in the leisure time from the movie rights. Sorry to be negative! A gal just needs a whine every now and again ;)))

  5. Oh no, I hope your feeling better, err to work and bills..

    loving your shoes :) guess what? I just have to tell you, I got my first pair of Irregular Choice shoes,Yeah, i so love your colloection!! I went for flat ones so I get some wear but going for heels next time :)

    I hope you can stop by today to share your style Saturday?


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