Day 235: The Political is Personal

I got my postal vote stuff in the mail. It is a much more relaxing process when you can fill it in over a latte and baclava at a cafe, rather than standing in line for ages, finding your name in the book, hiding in a booth with a pencil. I have never noticed the full entertainment value of the ballot paper prior to this because you feel a pressure to be fast. These are some of the parties vying for my vote. The question I have to ask, but don't really want the answer to, is what would they actually do if they came to power: the Australia Stable Population Party ( does that imply no babies, no immigrants, no dying?), the Pirate Party (Aarggg!), the Coke in the Bubblers Party (for promises made and never kept—isn't that an essential pre-requisite of any political party), the Wikileakes Party (will they reveal who voted for them?), the Help End Marajuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party, the Non-Custodial Parents Party, and, of course, the Australin Sex Party (yes to babies, immigrants, and dying?).

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Our national broadcaster, the ABC, has developed an internet tool to help the decision-incapable public work out who they need to vote for. This can be seen a development as Australians, as a general statement, normally vote people out rather than voting them in. It's called the Vote Compass. There are a number of reasons why this is a worry. One is the obvious fact that there is something seriously wrong when we have to take a quiz to know what our political convictions are, and who supports them. The other is that any person or organisation who develops such a thing is sure to have a bent which cannot help but be imposed, surely(?), and so the results are skewed. I'm a communisitic-socialist-idealist anyway so it doesn't matter for me. But it may lead some right-wingers astray. Mmm. Hopefully. But in the interest of an informative post and pure curiosity, I did it anyway. Turns out I am a communisitic-socialist-idealist. It wasn't that accurate, I just fall in the 'social liberalist on the economic left' square. You answered a bunch of questions about yourself and the policies de jour and got to take little faces of the three major contenders and place them on scales of one-to-ten about likeability, trust, and competency. It was fun piling all the photos over the zero. But I feel like I have prematurely climaxed politically, especially with all the hard-hitting propaganda happening this week. Maybe I'll still go down to polling stations on Saturday and walk past the Labor flyer-pushers and tell them 'No thanks, I would have voted for you if you hadn't got rid of Julia', just for the fun of it.

I'm chanelling A/W 2013's plaid/punk trending today. Some designers are doing one, some the other, some both. Versace's doing it, so is Stella McCartney and also Yves St Laurent.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Shirt: Op-shopped
Tights: Retail
Bangles and Chains on Shoes: One purchased, one gifted
Boots: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. There should be a "I don't want to Vote Party." Now they would get my Vote! :-)

    1. It would be ironical if they made an 'Against Compulsory Voting' party and they didn't get in because no one voted!

  2. I voted yesterday, before I read your blog and found out about Vote Compass. Fortunately it came up with the same answer. Postal votes are both more relaxing and more taxing. I thought I would be good and google all the parties on the senate paper so I could rank them based on whether they were racist (bad), against marriage equality (bad), climate change deniers (bad), wanted to 'stop the boats' (absurd and without compassion), clueless about economics and finance (bad and terrifyingly common), but after 15 mins I was still only on the second party out of 39 so I decided that it really didn't matter because I am in a safe Liberal seat so I just need to make sure they are last.

    1. Being politically aware is a lot of hard work that takes up too much time better spent elsewhere - unless we want an good political option. It's all lose/lose really. :)))


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