Day 371: Ways to Hide Your Vitals

I love jeans. I can't dispute that, even with myself. Because I counted them. I have over forty-two pairs.

I like to call it forty-two-plus because of the magical qualities of that number, and the ability that a plus has to disguise the actual embarrassing number.

I wasn't even aware until I did a closet clean out and couldn't let go of a single pair - regardless of the supernatural effort it would take to get into some of them (especially if I carry on with the cocktail session I am currently enjoying poolside in honour of the extra year of aging I have achieved recently).

How can forty-two-plus pairs of jeans not double up? There is everything from traditional blue to patterned with roses; everything from white to black with forays into several coloured spectrums; skin-tight to flowing and flared; pristine to ripped by design or ripped by love.

But. I do have a weird jeans quirk. I don't like anyone seeing the bits. The girly bits. The feminine 'y'. You will never—unless some miracle of dieting that actually works happens—see me with jeans and shirts or t-shirts tucked into the waist. In this and the following few posts, I am displaying ways in which I cover up. This is the 'long top' option. More vital-hiding strategies will follow.

I'm not going to harp on about my appalling blogging record lately. I have done that too much. But I do find it strange that I had more to say when I said it more often than now when I hardly speak. Turns out a voice needs to be used to stay useful.

The Outfit
Shirt: Op-shopped
Jacket: Op-shopped
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Irregular Choice, Abigails Party

Photographer de Jour: V——

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  1. I'm not going to count how many pairs of jeans I own, or how many skirts or dresses. It becomes far too close to hoarding, especially now that I'm selling vintage online.

    Happy belated birthday!

    I love the Miss Fisher style Asian jacket and the ruffled high neckline.

    I agree, I've fallen too far behind on my newsletter and now I'm not motivated to continue it.


  2. Your jeans are to you what my shoes are to me, and that's quite alright (I tell myself that with every new member of the heel family). There's always something different about each pair, a subtle nuance or perhaps an in-your-face difference that makes it, well, covetable. As in the case of your denim haven, I'm sure :)

    Oh, how true your words ring. A voice needs to be used to be heard. I was down in the doldrums, couldn't think of anything worthwhile to say, and it just escalated further South as I stopped writing. So now, I'm trying to push myself out of that quicksand and starting conservatively. Please do too. I was JUST telling my husband how much I appreciate the quirky workings of your mind and the way you write :) xoxo

  3. Loving the teal ruffleneck top with that jacket. Rad, rad, rad! :D

    - Anna


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