Day 359: You're Making Me Feel Hot

Well now that the silliness is over, I can relax, look back and see what Christmas 2013 was all about. In our family we have on-years and off-years. On-years are when we get together with the core family members (we're a complete two generation family that moved to Australia from South Africa in the eighties and so, before everyone got 'partners', Christmas was always just our core family); off-years, the second of every two, are when everyone goes to the other halves' family events. A simple plan. It works quite well. This was an off-year. But there seemed to be lots of using the fact that my Dad had been unwell during the year and was unlikely to travel over Christmas as an excuse to abandon the usual plan and head up to the Gold Coast. My sister and family did it. And V—— and I did too. I had Xmas Eve Eve, Xmas Eve and Xmas day off work and we hightailed it up there to make the most of a three day holiday with the lot. This was the outfit I sort-of wore on Christmas Day—my mum kept telling me to take off my cardigan because she felt too hot. I'm sharing it's emerald-green-ness over at the Trend Spin Link up with Laura, Erin and Alison.

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There was swimming in the pool, swimming at the beach and swimming at Wet 'n Wild (water park on the Australian Gold Coast for those who don't know). At Wet 'n Wild we paid a bit extra and got a Fast Pass which allowed us, much to the chagrin of everyone else queuing on hot concrete, to go straight to the front of the queue. Every time. On the five most exciting rides. I felt bad for the waiting people, but only for a second, then I was riding rides and screaming down tunnels and ramps. I do think I picked up some nasty bug in the pool though, as I got a throat infection that I still had up until about a day ago (and it is now mid January!) From feral, bug-infused, small people I believe. Sorry to people who think of those things as the more commonly used 'children'.

The forecasts for the twenty-seven days prior, the three days during, and the thirty-nine days post our trip are like this: high of 28C, low of 21C; high of 28C, low of 21C; high of 28C, low of 21C; and repeat. Too hot for cooking a large, traditional Christmas dinner. So while we were all out of the house at Wet 'n Wild on Christmas Eve, my mum did the ham and the turkey, and on Christmas day we had cold Christmas meats and salad for dinner. V—— and I had to leave to come home again in the evening. All in all it was a fabby Christmas. And we got to celebrate it for days afterwards because B——'s new Xmas handwash, which played a carol whenever you squeegied some foam into your palm, decided to play its carol every time someone came into the same room. It was possession; a Christmas poltergeist. Luckily the batteries ran out quite quickly.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Christmas Cardigan: Thrifted, Christmas Cardigan Aisle, Savers, Lubbock, Texas
Necklace: Lovisa
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Alaska'

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. I love how your Mom told you to take off your cardigan because it was making her hot! Moms...gotta love 'em.



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