Day 347: Largs and Lassitudes

stream of consciousness literary model narrative technique psychology James Joyce Virginia Woolfe good enough for them to get everything on the page in a hurry no need to worry about punctuation

Okay, might be hard to read but it's about me not you. The final full stop. Read Ulysses, it'll make more sense.

for now this is the quickest way to catch up and move on in this blogging silliness stopped for weeks by the all-consuming search for houses and the associated stasis it has wrought on everything else of meaning in my life

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Pictures are of Largs months ago at Kelburn castle where they needed to render the wall but couldn't afford it so graffiti artists painted it in the meantime now everyone prefers it to the render except the council it must be a reason people pay quite a hefty fee to come in even though there isn't a lot to see just some hamsters a good birds of prey keeper a maze a sort of scary jungle-gym which would be occ-health-and-safety-ed-the-living-day-lights-out-of in this country a couple of two thousand year old yew trees

seventy-one house inspections since that holiday it makes perfect sense to book another holiday the exasperation of continually being outbid on properties justified it until the broker wanted to know why the value of our deposit went down

going to koh samui

Left: Kelburn Castle
Right: Close(r) up detail of the graffiti

joined a book club at poppy loves reading lee rourke's vulgar things also joined up with steptember walking ten thousand steps every day sort of if you'd like to donate their page donate to team called The Quick Feet of Flinders Street that's us proceeds help people suffering from cerebral palsy got a bookriot box with more books read more books joined covet app enraged but addicted it deserves a blogpost of its own coming soon few minutes away from being shafted on another house

it's all about houses brain or thyroid gland going to explode

that is my life all caught up am trying to blog three times a week monday (fail) wednesday or Thursday (fail) and saturday (fail) back to Monday see how it goes want to cry bye bye

full stop

Top Left: Cow on Great Cumbrae, the little island off Largs which the ferry visits all day long
Top Right: A typical sunset from the window of our rental flat
Bottom Left: Looking back at Largs from the ferry—our flat was at the left side of that white building in front. Perfect!
Bottom Right: Looking down at Largs bay from the hills above

The Outfit
Shirt: Primark
Jacket: Gift; Vic and I swapped jackets because he knew I preferred the yellow one
Leggings: Target
Shorts: Primark
Scarf: Buff
Gaiters: Kathmandu
Boots: Meindl

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who Wore It Better?

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  1. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, love that jacket and that castle!


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