Day 350: Thou Really Ought Not Covet

Super quick, this was London, a bit more London, blah blah blah, trip earlier this year, Trafalgar Square, blue cocks, red buses, stone stone and black lions, photos held in stock until now, don't get me wrong London is the best city in the known universe apart from New York and Mexico City and Upwey, but I have something more important to discuss and must move quickly from photos to words. Enough about London? Good.

Let's talk about Covet

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Oh my Goodness. How annoying is Covet? Have you all got it. Let me know so I can be your friend and borrow clothes from your closet. Like, real friendship, like. For those of you who may not know what I am talking about, Covet is an app/game/sales tool in which you 'buy' clothes for your virtual paper doll and dress her up in themes in the hope of earning more money or diamonds for more clothes to dress her in to enter more themes to earn more diamonds or money to ... Etc, etc. You can also buy the clothes for real (I think) (I'm pretty sure) and if you do, you earn diamonds to buy more clothes ... oh God, here we go again. It does my head in! (Not enough to stop playing.) Because the only way that you can score highly (as voted by your peers), is to dress like everybody else. Or to dress in a ball gown. The thing you can't be on Covet, is yourself. After mumbling this sentiment incomprehensibly to anyone who cares to listen for all the time between two days after starting to play and now, while simultaneously ignoring sensible advice to, maybe, just stop playing, I have decided that maybe the best way for me to prove I am not being a sore-loser, terrible-stylist who thinks that low scores on my outfits comes from everyone else's conformist stylings (just have a look at the highest scorers on any given challenge and tell me something isn't afoot) is to conduct an experiment.

Clockwise from Top Left: Buses and Buyers in Oxford Circus; Best pubs with the best names and the best heritages; Treasures everywhere you look; V—— and our Harry Potter Tour Giude in the self-same tunnel the three heros walk along after apparating from the Wedding.

So, starting on the 1st November, the Day of the Dead and National Bison Day, I will be entering five outfits into themes per day. This takes work so don't let that make you think this is easy. I will do this for 5 weeks. Week One I will enter themes as I have been—trying to correspond to the brief while bowing to my own sense of style. Week Two I will style outfits that I think will win—the obvious outfit (if I can work that out?). Week Three I will style outfits as far removed from the themes as I can. Week Four I will style one outfit, with minor changes where there are requirements, and enter it into every theme. And in Week Five I will enter every theme wearing a ball gown. Note to self: stock up on ball gowns!

I will keep a cumulative tally of the scores for each week and update them below:

The Brief: 136.53/175; 19 likes.

The Winner: 135.74/175; 19 likes.

The Left Field: 133.18/175; 24 likes.

The One: 135.40/175; 19 likes.

The Gown: 139.09/175; 23 likes.

If, at the end of the five weeks, The Winner isn't the winner, I will say I was wrong (5 weeks later: I was wrong; but not about the ball gowns!), I will take my place at the low end of the fashion know-how ladder and I will shut my mouth and surreptitiously keep playing without ever talking to anyone about it. Suddenly I find Covet very exciting indeed. Check back for the results.

Left to Right: Trafalgar Square and surrounds; Wren's Cathedral

The Outfit
Dress: Primark
Jewels: Casio watch and a Fitbit
Boots: Meindl

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who Wore It Better?

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  1. What a fun idea! good luck with the challenge!

  2. I've never heard of this game before. I am not sure I am ready for another time suck game but it does sound interesting.


    P.S. Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.


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