Day 356: Seven—Showing and Going

I am bowing out this pair of shoes—number seven. I have worn these shoes through. Literally. I can't show a better picture of them because they are all holes. Sparkly with a flowered, sequinned toe; darkly with insides splattered with (fake) blood. From Iron Fist. They did me well. I think I'll pop over and see if there is something I might like to get from them again ...

No luck.

But that doesn't mean I haven't been shopping.

Are we fools when we blackmail ourselves? Or does it work? Do you do it? I have started a scheme by which I reward myself for walking. Each month I choose an item I would like. This premier month it was a pair of the flat chunky sandals that are so 'in' at the moment. I chose these ones from Dirty Laundry via Modcloth:

In order to have those in my grubby little hands rather than on my wishlist, I told myself, I need to walk over ten thousand steps a day for at least fifteen days in June. The ten thousand step thing is, it seems to me, often made out to seem easily achievable. I walk more in the daily grind than a lot of other fishes I know. I take the dogs out, I walk up and down the railway station when I am waiting for the train, I don't own a car. But to get to the ten you do have to actually walk, or run, or hike, on top of all of that. And some days I end up running up and down on the spot as well to make it up and over.

About twenty days into the month I realised the shoes were nearly sold out. I gambled. I bought them. If I didn't get the requisite number of days, I self-reasoned, I would immediately take those shoes over to the op-shop (thrift store for the Northern Hemisphere-ians). As of yesterday (twenty-ninth) I reached the fifteenth ten thousand step day. *Phew* Safe.

Next month I would like a yellow raincoat.

Walking more is a part of the ever present need desire obsession to lose weight. I don't do it for health or to keep diabetes away. I do it to get into clothes I have bought because I love them not because they fit. My mother was visiting recently. She needed a cardigan and so I took her to Savers (thrifting superstore). No ulterior motives. She picked up two cardigans, a coat, a bag and a puzzle. I walked out with the other fifteen items on our docket. I snatched a couple of S/S, or A/W 2015 as it is here, must-haves. The button front denim skirt and the shirt dress. Neither of them fit. I don't believe in trying things on. But now I have to believe in doing whatever it takes to get smaller.

Since April Mr Earwig and I started on Lite n' Easy. Calorie controlled meals; everything you need for your day delivered to your door. It was more food than I had eaten in, well, forever. Definitely more bread and rice and corn. I'm not sure if my metabolism is so badly damaged that it is in shock with this latest development, but nothing happened. I'm going to persist with tricking my metabolism. And I am going to walk myself to that yellow raincoat. Hopefully the combo will result in being able to wear the trending items in the trending season. We'll see.

The Outfit
Jumper: Op-shopped
Tutu: Modcloth
Necklace: Modcloth
Puzzle Ring: Store in Taxco, Mexico
Felt Ring: Gifted, The Barony Centre, West Kilbride, Scotland
Shoes: Iron Fist, retired

Photographer de Jour: V——

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  1. Saying goodbye to a great pair of shoes is like saying goodbye to an old friend that never tried to hurt you and loved you till the end. I often find myself hanging onto those pairs longer than I should since they are few and far between.

    Good for you for reaching your goal! I'm terrible at stuff like that.

    Love that fluffy whipped skirt.

    I cannot believe you don't try on things. I don't buy unless I try. LOL

    Hope you get your raincoat!


  2. Hurrah for met goals, especially when they involve self-presents, like shoes and yellow raincoats. Like you, I don't try things on in the store. I get irritable pulling everything off and on, and the floors of thrift store change rooms are often like little gardens. Good luck with your new plans. Love that yellow tutu!! Swish and twirl.

  3. Oh wow, this is an amazing skirt!! Love it..

  4. I just realised that ops shops are to you what H&M is to me. I'm usually safe because of time restrictions, but on Saturday arvo I snuck into the city and bought the whole store (read: a necklace, a belt, three dresses and two jumpers, or was that three jumpers and something else - so much that I can't even remember it all).

    I held myself back from the light pink/apricot handbag. It was gorgeous but I can't think when I would ever use it. [This is another way of saying, I will buy it next time I am in there].

    I do a similar thing to you but mine involves still trying things on. I try the size I think I am and a size lower. Then I say to myself "the size lower look better, but its a bit too tight, I'll just lose a couple of kilos and it will look great". Then I go home and put said item in my wardrobe and never wear it because I don't actually make any attempt to lose weight other than to say to myself occasionally "I really will try this time" or "no chocolate ... starting tomorrow!"

    I love your idea of using shopping as a reward for a self-improvement goal. I'm a firm believer in "no pain, no gain", so I feel uncomfortable about my Saturday binge because it was all gain and no pain. I'm going to use your method to stop caffeine and start eating properly (according to my doctor, a diet of black tea, peanut butter and chocolate is not good for you), then I can go back to my no pain, no gain neurosis and everything will be happy in the world ... starting tomorrow!

    Time for a cup of tea, methinks.

  5. Ok, Ok, I tried to let this go, really I did, but seriously fellow commentators, do none of you recognise the yellow tutu from it's paring with The Travelling Yellow Skirt, not to mention numerous other outing on this blog?

  6. Hello there!
    I think it is good to reward ourselves at times with things to achieve our goals, walking is a a great goal, setting steps. I know sometimes we share a special bond with certain shoes. lol. I try and think of how my health will benefit from such goals, as I walk and swim myself. Pretty skirt!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx


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