Wear 373: Thursdays and Mondays

Maybe I need structure, guidelines, a pattern, boundaries. No. No 'maybe'. I do. We all do, don't we? I'm trying to instigate a blogging boundary whereby I blog on Mondays and Thursdays. Officially it is now Wednesday. Going well so far *sarcasm*. The thing with setting up a structure for yourself on something where the repercussions for not following through are not life-threatening, is that the only thing that keeps it in place is your will power. I think I have misplaced mine.

There are things I want to do, but don't, because my will power seems to have taken an extended holiday in a place with no internet connection:

Eat better
Do yoga every day
Take long walks—I'm talking ten, fifteen kilometres at least—on my days off
Make a beautiful garden
Make a beautiful house
Make anything really

When put like that, it doesn't seem an unachievable list or an insurmountable challenge. I'm not trying to cure cancer: apparently bananas with black spots will do that (*wink*). I'm not trying to do something I can't actually do. I'm not even trying to do something exotic or prohibitively expensive. What stops me? Answer: Reading and Sleeping. I like reading so much I can just do it for hours. I like sleeping so much I can do it for hours. And put like that, it doesn't seem like such a bad life, does it? Excitement in real life is over-rated; quite happy to take it intravenously through the eyes and synapses; conscious or un-.

Today I am on a self-imposed twenty four hour read-a-thon finish seventeen books by midnight for my Goodreads challenge (not going to happen). One and a half hours went watching Supernatural, four more sleeping, three and a half at the market and doing a blog shoot (yay! did something for the blog), and about another two just faffing. Later I'm planning on another nap and going out for dinner. After midnight I will start a new book: The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control by Walter Mischel. Sure, it's still reading, but maybe it will help me find my will power. In the meantime looks like Thursday and Thursday is the story this week. Better than October and November though, eh? (Although technically it will still be November and December!)

I'm still covering the top of my jeans. The reproductive-area-covering technique used in this blog post involves the use of the 'medium length dress'. (See 'tops', and 'short dresses' as options here, or back there a little.) The cocktail/midi is one of my favourite techniques because it is lightly non-sensensical. The dress is long enough to wear by itself, so why do I need the jeans. Truth is, the jeans need the dress. This is a one-way relationship.

The Outfit
Jacket: Thrifted, Somewhere in the Northern US
Dress: Op-shopped, Culburra Beach
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Op-shopped, Culburra Beach

Photographer de Jour: V——

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  1. Ha ha! I have some jeans that need a dress.

    I think that reading and sleeping are best buddies. Whenever I read I want to go to sleep. It's a Pavlov's dog thing with me.

    If you find your motivation let me know where it was hanging out. I think mine is there hiding as well.


  2. But life is a fabulous array of what I want to do's now that I'm retired....it's the absolute best feeling ever!!
    Speaking of napping...I may just have to go do that!
    As for the jeans under a dress---I've done it once and it was like an aha moment. Definitely more to come!

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