Day 329: Going Back

I cannot believe I am still telling you about my so-two-months-ago holiday! You do know that blogging is really just a diary you don't have to write by hand. That it is a way of storing knowledge about yourself that doesn't take up space in your house. Well, okay, maybe, for some people, it is about promoting businesses, or helping people, or getting rich, or famous. But for me it's an alzheimer insurance policy and a freeing-up of internal real estate. And so while reminiscing about a two month old holiday serves no useful purpose for society, it is awfully handy for me.

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This day was all about driving. We were quickly running out of time to make it back to Vegas for the end of our car hire, and there were lots of kilometers to cover, so we drove, and drove, and drove. Destination: El Paso, Texas. I had been there before when B—— and I visited for the sole purpose of entering Mexico across the Rio Grande. Like they do in the movies. Although, of course, it didn't quite work out that way—there were weird things happening with buses and visas and time, and we ended up catching a taxi in a blur of red tape and traffic and silliness, and not even seeing the river. I got a much better glimpse of the baby Rio Grande this year when we walked over it to get dinner in Alamosa. El Paso was a cute little city, and had a nice vibe in the area where we stayed back in 2008 (other areas felt, well, less nice). I really fancied being able to see that again and show it to V——. I also wanted to go cowboy boot shopping. But fate wasn't allowing for these things. The drive was long, the entrance into the city was stressful and busy (last time we flew and caught a bus, this time we came off country roads onto six lane freeways at rush hour). We had also programmed Samsung Siri to take us to the geographical centre again, which is never really the place you want to be. Example: the geographical centre of Melbourne is Glen Iris and while there are some nice cafes, some pretty houses and even some public transport options, it is ten kilometers from the CBD. So we sat in the geographical centre of El Paso and ate ice-cream and googled the true heart of the city so we could find the Camino Real—the hotel B—— and I stayed in last time we were here. The cowboy boots shops closed, the life drained out of the area around the Camino Real—even all the electricity was out when we went for a little walk later in the evening. The hotel wasn't as nice as I remembered. The dinner in the restaurant was terrible. The best thing we could do was put ourselves to bed and start again in the morning. And that is what we did.

A little aside: The road from Lubbock to El Paso did eventually clear of snow, the scenery was beautiful. You drive through amazing hills and ranges coming along that way. We had the iPad hooked up to itunes and randomly generating songs through the radio. As we came over the pass and saw the start of the city below us, the trill of a spanish guitar started up and Marty Robbins started singing about being on 'the hill overlooking El Paso'. It was more than a little weird!

Clockwise from top left: Back in Texas again; mountains and big sky in New Mexico; badmington and truck stops; looking out at El Paso and the facade of the Camino Real

The Outfit
Shirt: Thrifted, Savers in Vegas, Nevada
Shorts: Target
Socks: Sock Dreams
Necklace as Headpiece: Junk jewellery shop somewhere
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Photographer de Jour: B——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Love that photo of the facade of the Camino Real, so pretty with the lights. How cool that the Marty Robbins song was playing!


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