Day 280: An Itinerary

With seven sleeps to go and the excitement building beyond-bubbly, and with one fabulous lady asking where, and me being happy to gloat to anyone else who will read, following is the round-about holiday travel plans for my (and V——'s) very exciting trip to the US of A. Any persons reading this for the purpose of possibly working out where I live and when I will be away so they can rob the place, keep in mind there is nothing worth taking, there will still be people there, and there is a very visciously-licking, ear-nibbling guard dog that will only be charmed with anything male and anything edible, so I probably wouldn't bother.

List_Addict               Irene

  • Flying Air New Zealand in a guaranteed exit row (??, they never guarantee anything so we'll see about that) to Auckland, and then the cosy but horizontal Skycouch from Auckland to LA.
  • Three nights in Anaheim.
  • One Day at Disneyland and California Adventure Park.
  • One Day Tacky Tour of LA including star's homes and Muscle Beach—so exciting!
  • Catching the Bus to Vegas. No, hear me out. One: can you imagine how exciting the people watching will be. Two: transferring to LAX from Anaheim, passing through security, especially after the last sad event there, waiting for planes, getting on planes, being on planes, getting off planes, finding luggage equates, time wise, to a five hour bus ride anyway. And Three: better scenery from the ground than there is from the air.
  • Two nights in Vegas.
  • Chris Angel's show 'Believe' with the amazing Cirque du Soleil crowd.
  • Night tour of The Neon Museum.
  • Thrift shopping and a trip to the new Vegas Boulevard Marshalls.
  • Just short of two week car hire to meander, wander and explore (and hopeful thrift a little more) in Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. Anyone know where we should be aiming for in order to find the (a) best thrift shops, and (b) best road side taco stalls.
  • One more day of car hire, one way from Vegas to Valencia, California, via Death Valley.
  • Two nights and one day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. V—— will need to take a few motion sickness pills for that theme park!!!
  • An infinitely sadder reverse trip on Air New Zealand to home. Holiday over.

And what, you all are wondering, will happen with the lovely Irene while I am away. (Thanks to S——) She will be having a little holiday, and a break from the blog while I am away and will send in a couple of photos herself for me to show you her trip. I believe she is going to Hawaii. I will be blogging about my trip and hopefully having lots of outfit opportunities in amazing locations. No break for all of you my fabulous readers. You will still have to come over and visit every single day!!

The Outfit
Clearing the Closet: It’s time to go pink crocheted top with a strange frilly neck
Dress: Op-shopped, altered (mid-alter actually)
Top: Op-shopped
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Jam Tart'

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. woo-hoo! Sounds like the *best* vacation, and lots of travel. Stay safe and fabulous, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. oh oh! I'm so excited!!! : ) I've actually heard (and researched) that there is some pretty good thrifting to be had in Vegas. I know there is in LA but you might be pressed for time there. What with Disney and all.

    Don't forget to do the Tower of Terror. I've done it about 10 times and still almost pee my pants each time.

    I can't wait to hear what you think of the Chris Angel show. The guy is such a freak.

    How exciting is a Marshalls in Vegas??? It's gonna be BIG!

    They should have LOADS of thrift shops in Utah. That is where fashion blogging roots are…in the heart of the Mormon community.

    You shouldn't have a problem finding any kind of roadside Taco places in those states…they should be everywhere.

    I'm so excited (and jealous).

    I hope you're packing empty suitcases…cause you'll need them on the way back to haul all of your great treasures.

    That pink crocheted top is something I can only see you wearing. Okay…you and Lady Gaga. But she'd be wearing the shoes on her head as a hat and no gingham dress. Just a g-string. Thanks for keeping it classy here ; )


  3. What a fun and exciting trip you have planned. Let me know what part of Utah you will be traveling through and I will send you some fun food and shopping tips.

  4. I am enthralled by the Skycouch. With a push of the button you get a bed, a butler, and a glass of champagne?! You are beacon of crocheted beauty in this outfit. (But I can't stop thinking of the Skycouch...) You are going to have a blast on your trip!! I'm such a slacker and just found out. (But make sure you get photos of the Skycouch.) And your stern warning to scofflaws is sure to keep Irene's honour intact during your absence. (Are you going to bring slippers to wear on the Skycouch?) Be safe! Take lots of photos (especially of the SC) and show us!

    1. Ooh. I didn't see the bit on the link about the butler and the champagne! I am really excited now. I did see the bit about the 5'1" length and 76 cm width though. With an over six foot boy and a chocolate biscuit eating me it is definitely going to be snug. I wonder how many times the stewards will slam the trolley into our legs poking out the end. But how fun. And walking on legs is over-rated anyway - especially if you have a skycouch. I will certainly take lots of photos :)) xxx


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