Day 293: Oh, Thank God That is Over!

Just because I have to finish it or I will cry, here is the last (thank goodness and any deity who isn't too inebriated on silly season champagne to listen) nine wish-items for my Forty-Six By Forty-Six project. A project whereby I find (by grovelling through unused and cobwebby areas of my brain) forty-six things that I would love to have achieved by the time I turn the same age next year. I have spread them over the last five days of blogging (blogging-time, not real), mainly because I like to expound in great detail rather than simply list. Don't think I am some sort of super-human after you read this list, luckily for me, the majority of these items will still be available for posting on next years Forty-Seven By Forty-Seven project. But, if I am lucky, maybe I will have to come up with more than just one more. Are you doing a similar project? Let me know.

38. Source a couple of different pairs of lasts. I am not going to make promises about making shoes that I am not going to keep. I have already filled three years worth of stuff to do in one from the last thirty-seven dot points. Surely I can find a little time to find some lasts on the Internet and buy them though. Surely?

39. Take more photos and post them to Instagram. I like the idea of Instagram (even though I have a theory that between it and Pinterest we are creating a world too visually perfect for anyone's expectations to live up to, and will therefore all end up in therapy or torment depending on what our individual budgets will allow; just a theory). I like little moments. I'd like to take photos of them and show the world. Usually I just end up looking at them and they are past before the camera comes out. They do say taking photographs ruins your memory due to eliminating its necessity. But regardless of all these bad reasons, I would still like to do it. Maybe at least one a week if we're making things S.M.A.R.T. (Specific. Measurable. Attainable (ha!). Realistic (ha, ha!). Time Bound (I have that in the bag).)

40. See twelve movies at the movies. Oh, I know. This will be a very hard one to do. In fact, so hard, I am not sure if I can count the one I have already seen since this 'year' began (Catching Fire, I was going to tell you about it some time). I may have to count that as incidental and do twelve from scratch. Otherwise, it is like cheating or something. Isn't it?

List_Addict               Irene

41. Design my own flag. (Thanks B——, some afternoon sun-lit inspiration on the balcony helped to finish this list with practical, doable and necessary items.) It'll be for my yacht. Should I get one. Or, my island. Should I get one. Or maybe for the House in the Hills.

42. Work at getting a word I made up into the general parlance, and from there, once spoken from the tongues of celebrities and writers and people in the know, into the Oxford Dictionary as a 'new word of the year'. I think I did make up a word once, but I should put not eating out of aluminium in my list too because I can't remember it.

43. Colour-in all the pictures in my Advanced Style Colouring(sic) Book. (Sorry, I am of the 'u' in colour school. I can't do it without.) When I am old, sorry, older, I want to be in this colouring book. That is what my style is working towards.

44. Once monthly, including one each for the months of November and December wich have already passed, go on a trip somewhere fabulous to do a photoshoot. V—— will be so happy. Not.

45. And in the same vein as fabulous photoshoots of old people like myself, I would like to make at least six extravagent neckpieces to wear with my shoots. Over the top, crazy mixed-media necklaces to rival, or even upstage, my shoes.

46. And last, a simple little wish. To get my 'currently reading' pile down to twelve thirteen books. Just twelve thirteen. Five real books, my poetry compendium, a difficult-going non-fiction (currently it's The Secret Teachings of All Ages), four Kindle Books and two Scribd books. I have to be strict. I don't miss out on anything by having fewer books. The experience of each is richer, and the completion of books appears quicker. It's okay Charlie, the world will not end, you can do this. In fact, if you made this whole list of forty-six goals, like you have, you can do anything!!

Oh, Thank God!

The full and comprehensible list can be found by looking at this page right here, and this one, this one over here, this one and this one also.

The Outfit
Clearing the Closet: It’s time to go long red cardigan. I don't wear you often enough, or feel comfortable when I do.
Dress: Handmade by me
Cardigan: Op-shopped
Necklace: Lovisa
Boots: Hand-me-downs from my Mother

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. I love Instagram but forget to post pictures, one of my new years goals is to post more ha. Love the pattern on your dress...

  2. Yes, you can do it! I too have a reading list for 2014 and I'm going to stick with it. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. Love the outfit today. If I recall correctly the clothes blogging project was for 2013, does the above list suggest that this is about to come to an end and fur earwig metamorphasise into a 46 by 46 blog?

    1. Eek! I sort of wish it was so, but no, I am continuing with Irene until we have worn everything, which requires a weight loss regime and a lot of clothes to work towards being able to wear. I'm think of going to 1001 days. And doing the 46 things thing. Over-striving; under-achieving: it's my motto.


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