Day 236: A Change of Reason

Changes in seasons are sometimes hard to cope with. I have been noticing a large number of my favourite Northern bloggers getting very sad about having to don long sleeves and put their bare legs away behind tights and pants. There are lots who are very excited about boots and scarves also, so it's not all winter doom and gloom. I am mortified by the thought of a long, morbid, fetid summer, and am mainly glad of the relative rain shortage this winter for the fact that there may be less grass (a) to burn, and, (b) to cause hayfever. But the biggest season-change cloud with its silver lining—or silver lining with its cloud, depending on how you like to look at life—is that change of season brings a new shoe collection at Irregular Choice and a new battle between want and restraint.

List_Addict               Irene

Below are a few of my favourite 'Springs' (see that, it's a pun on the classic song line with a reference to the changing season, which doesn't apply because I am talking in the wrong hemisphere, but it's worth a few pun points isn't it?) A big dilemma has occured when I went online to research this post for you. There is free international shipping. I know, right? Free International shipping is exactly the same as saying 'One Pair of Shoes Free!' Let's break these six cuties down rationally. Chuckles (top-left) is sold out in my size. Aaaw, but also phew. That is one decision I can't change. No. The whole bottom row are shoes of such sublime beauty, uniqueness and hole-in-my-collection filling ability that I am having trouble saying no to any of them. Yes, yes, yes. That leaves top-centre and top-right. They are both an appeal to the side of me that says I need some sensible, neutral shoes. Are you aware I do not have a single wholly black pair of shoes? That is any wardrobe's travesty. And those Summer Berries are just cute, sensible, neutral in this season's fabulous grey and something to wear for those occasions when my clothes shout louder than my shoes. So by rational argument these two are yes and yes as well. What do you think? How many pairs is too many? (Keep in mind I dont have a house, a car, children, or a mobile phone plan.) Do I buy? Advise me quickly. I have filled all five into my virtual basket and without your intervention I will do something silly.

Chuckles/Summer Berries/Baby Beauty
Sparkly Cosmo/Cheeky Moose/Bobbies Bootie

Todays look is sponsored by the idea of Chanel. I am missing thigh high black boots from my collection too and had to ad lib there. This outfit highlighted my lack of shoes black. If I had to choose any one item for the Chanel A/W 2013 collection though, it would be this one.

The Outfit
Under-shirt: Target (my thermal underwear)
Vest: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped
Tights: Retail
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Whoopi'

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. Oh my! All those shoes! Seriously I cannot talk you out of any of them. You seem to have the best Irregular Choice shoe collection of any other blogger out there. They should be paying you something...or at least providing you with a few free pairs/year. I'd say 20 pairs would be about right ; )

    I am really in love with the bottom 2 right...but you need to ask someone that isn't an enabler. Bloggers are such enablers it is sick.


    1. I think you are so right! I'm going to just have to pluck up the courage to have a chat to them and set their thinking straight. Twenty seems fair. I will need an extra room on my house for them. Time to renovate the outside toilet maybe.

  2. I don't mind Autumn but I hate being cold so not looking forward to Winter. Great outfit, I agree with Suzanne you do have the best collection of shoes I love them all. Great picks, I need chuckles they are amazing but I love them all :)

    1. Aren't the Chuckles amazing??? I am so disappointed that my size is already sold out. I have whittled the six to four but still having trouble pressing the checkout button.


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