Day 168: The Simple Things

Polling in the right direction scale-wise now. One kilo off. Twenty-four to go. I have developed a theory. The u-turn and subsequent slow correction of the dieting trend is, I am now convinced, attributable to building muscle. The old muscle heavier than fat theory. It is the logical thing. But I am seriously considering doing a detox. I figure if I did a two week one it may be the quickest, but most painfully effective way to get off sugar, caffeine and carbs in a single go. I just have to decide to make that break from those dear friends for once and for all.

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I have been walking around like an eighty year-old with a double hip transplant who isn't doing well. Every time I stop for longer than three seconds all my muscles seize up. It is, frankly, embarrassing. I stopped trams on the way home with my slow ascent and descent on the stairs—I hadn't really noticed trams have stairs until I couldn't get up them. When I got home I ran a fabulous lectric soda bath and soaked for an hour. In fact I fell asleep in the bath. Possibly not a great idea. And when I let all the water out, and had to try and get up on the ensuingly slippery tub surface, it was reminiscent of up-turned turtles. I seriously thought I may have become stuck there until Thursday. I didn't realise I would miss being able to stand up so much. Remind me, when I sign up for the next crazy endurance challenge, that training is a good idea—maybe even recommended.

The Outfit
Skirt: Retail, can't recall where
Blouse: Op-shopped negligee
Jacket: Myers
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: Moi

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  1. Oh no! I feel your pain, but you know that no good deed goes unpunished. Now is the perfect time to wear a corset - it will prevent you from bending over and moving in general, thus sparing you from further pain.

    1. You are so wise. I am indeed punished, and a full body corset sounds like the perfect way to go. I think they call it traction don't they?

  2. LOL I've overworked my muscles where I can't go up and down the stairs either. It is very embarassing.

    Imagine...the headline would read...naked woman found trapped in tub for days... became an invalid after massive stair climb for charity.

    Pretty great that you lost that weight though.

    My girlfriend just came off a diet/detox where she lost almost 5 lbs in a week. She has managed to keep it off too so far. She did mention that towards the end of the week she felt like ripping some people's heads off though. Since she works as a pharmacist this wasn't ideal so she decided not to carry on past one week.

    Good luck if you do decide to take the detox cleanse route. I'm sure you will have lots write about ; P


  3. Sounds like a pain you can be proud of. I live for that sort of pain.

    You look great today.



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