Day 174: Every Closet Needs a Cape

Q: What is your favourite store to shop at?
A: Savers. Probably Savers. While I love a little independent op/thrift shop/store, Savers is a guarantee you'll find something. A whole trolley-full of something. Cannot wait until July 15th. I'm going to Savers. Eeek! The squeal of supressed joy.

Q: If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
A: Vintage Alexander McQueen, Vivian Westwood, Anna Sui. Oh, did you ask for just one? But can't I have anything and everything?

Q: Must have closet staple?
A: By the evidence in my closet, I would have to say, somehow and subconsciously, capes.

List_Addict               Irene

Q: Favourite kind of shoes? (Brand or Type)
A: Irregular Choice. I am a hussy for them. I keep trying to try other shoe companies, but I keep coming back. There is nothing else like them. (P.S: Dear Irregular Choice, I would be honoured to choose three free pairs from your upcoming A/W season in return for shamelessly plugging of you all the time. I do it because I like you. But I won't say no. Just waiting for your email. Waiting. Checking. Waiting. Humming.)

Q: Best clothing deal you have ever gotten? (Sale or amazing find)
A: I think it will come when I go thrifting later in the year in the States. I can feel it in my waters.

Q: Style you'd love to try?
A: I'd like to try them all. I'm trying to work out what mine is. I'm not sure. If my 'What's my Style' board on Pinterest is anything to go by, my coveted style is skinny. Mmm. And boofy. Time to give up the chocolate biscuits. Again.

The Outfit
Shirt: Target
Cape: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped
Tights: Retail
Brooch: Hand made and gifted from my bestie
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. If Irregular Choice contacts you please add on a size 7 of anything with polka dots and I too will freely promote them on my blog ; )

    A twofer! Just tell them. Then get back to me. ASAP. I have a family reunion coming up and Momma needs some (more) new shoes.


    1. I bet that family reunion has come and gone. I am really not sure what happened, but they still haven't got in touch. I hear this whole getting stuff from companies malarkey in the blogging world actually involves me selling my soul and my stats to the company rather than them just contacting me for the love of it. I'll dream on for a while until I feel brave or stupid enough to go the other way. If I do, I'll pass on your best wishes and first borns too.

  2. Capes as a staple - yay! And I'm on board with the Irregular Choice shoes. WOW. We've got a thing for Fluevogs in Canada but I'd go with Irregular Choice ANY DAY. Great gam shot. And you look marvelously stoic in your cape.

    1. I was channelling old school Sherlock Holme :) none of the new friendly quirky ones!

  3. I found having a "What is my style?" pinterest board, or as I like to call it "What I would wear if I was rich" board, immensely valuable. Probably because I'm a boring banker, but it's basically a page of pencil skirts (short, that is, to the knee or below) and fish tail skirts (long). Although, it now occurs to me that fish tail skirts are just pensil skirts with an exaggerated frill sewn on the hem. But prior to having the board I didn't have a clue what I liked.

    Putting on my lab coat, looking at your board, there is a lot of variety, but I'm getting Dior's New Look as the dominant theme, with lots of texture and colour.

    In 20 years when I have spare cash again, I will stop staring at Irregular Choice's website and actually buy some shoes. In the meantime, it's good to know you are keeping the business afloat. Fluevogs, as suggested by Melanie, also looks pretty good to me.

  4. I still don't own a single cape, but I think this winter I might need to get one! Thanks for always joining my Sunday Style Link Up...can't wait to see what you share this week!


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