Day 166: I Don't Answer The Phone—Ever!

I don't answer the phone. If you want to ring me you need to tell me so that I know to pick up—absolute exact time please. Or we have to work out some sort of a code. I don't want to talk to telemarketers. The armed robbery squad left a card in my door, as they do. I called them back and they had gone home. So when the phone rang, I though I better answer in case it was them. It was a telemarketer. The conversation went like this:

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Me: I'm in a hurry, be quick.
Them (accented): Well listen Ma'am (hackles raised), I am not selling you anything.
Me: Hurry please, just get to the point.
Them: The Federal Government is offering a rebate for home owners ...
Me: I don't own my home.
Them: No, listen Ma'am, I am not selling you anything.
Me: Then just get to the point.
Them: This still applies to you. The Federal Government is offering a rebate for home owners and we need to survey home owners ...
Me: I just told you, I am not a home owner, hurry up, get to the point.
Them: Ooh, ooh, just you, ooh, go away!

Me go away! You rang me you twurp! With your 'not selling you anything' sales pitch. No-one rings anyone cold-call for a chat about Federal Government rebates without an alterior motive. I am so cross. I wish I had caller ID. I need to write strongly worded missives about this to someone. It's a crap job yes, but you know what you are getting into. You know you are going to piss people off from the minute you give your anglicised name over the phone and ask how my evening is. It was fine. Now it is all down the toilet. Armed Robbery, you will have to email me. I am never picking up the phone again!

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  1. I never answer the phone at home either. It's interesting to note the number of calls we get during the day and no voicemail messages left.

    As for your conversation above, you were far more polite than I would have been, I would have straight out said "I'm waiting for a phone call, I'm hanging up now, good-bye"

  2. Ha! I don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the number. If it's a number I DO recognize, even then, if I'm busy I don't pick up. If it's important they will leave a message and I can call back. There is an invention where you push a button and a prerecorded messages tells the caller that you don't take telemarketer calls.

  3. LOL I am like you. I NEVER answer the phone unless I know the number. Those telemarketers are obnoxious.

    You taught them! LOL

    If I ever do accidentally pick up the phone and they are on the line I simply forgo any pleasantries and hang up. Not very Canadian of me but I don't care.


    1. My boy has the best idea - just ask them to hold on a sec and then put down the phone, like, forever. I love the idea of humouring them and then picking all the flaws in the argument, but I am never patient enough. I did it once for one of those 'we've detected a bug on your computer' calls. It was hilarious.


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