Day 179: I Want My Blanket!

Twice in my life I have gone to Brad Pitt movies with very little idea of what the film would be about and twice I have been blown away. I think Brad Pitt may be under-rated. The first was Fight Club. The second was the movie we saw last night on our date-night (aka any excuse to go to Gold Class), World War Z. The boy had made the suggestion. I think I had seen either a still or a half second of preview for it and figured it was shoot-em-up, loud and action-y. The boy likes that sort of thing so I said yes, okay. I am pretty happy to watch anything in a recliner with a blanky, while people bring me food and drinks. Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don't want to know anything at all about the movie. I won't be giving away too much plot wise, but just in case you want to know nothing. Firstly, I had no idea it was about zombies. We start a little casual pancake-ing for breakfast and a traffic jam with I-spy on the way to what I imagine is work and school, and then BANG! Car crashes, explosions, mass hysteria and fast running, contorting, biting zombies suddenly attack. Within minutes society fails. And it's off. I was jumping in my seat and squeezing the life out of V——'s hand for the next one hundred and sixteen minutes.

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The food and drinks were a bit of a distraction from the edge-of-your-seat (or comfy middle part of the recliner) suspense. Nail-biting, hair-raising, heart-beating, [insert any applicable hyphenated adjective here] suspense of the kind often lacking in most horror movies. Suspense you couldn't guess at or anticipate. This was my first foray into the 'zombie apocalypse' (great phrase that), and I am glad I waited. Of course, it wouldn't be me if I didn't find a couple of plot points inexplicable. Spoiler alert again, but how on earth did Brad and the Isreali army girl manage to be the only two, beside the undead undead person, who survived the airplane crash. And, at the pace that the infection was spreading, mathematically, it seems impossible that the world wasn't completely over-run in the three days that Brad was recovering from his air crash wound. Small complaints in an otherwise really fun (if scary, jumpy, and tense are ways you describe fun) pitting of wits against the witless-but-verocious. Does make me look at Lollii's teeth chomping habit in a whole new way (see the scene at the door of Bay 139 to understand what I mean). Clunk, clunk, clunk.

The Outfit
Shirt: Op-shopped
Jacket: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: Moi

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  1. All I could about during that was - you owe me a date night in a gold class recliner. You can bring the boy if you like.


    1. I think about this every time I go. We need to make a SMART plan to make this happen! Specific: getting D to Gold Class. Measurable: is she here or isn't she? Attainable: I think it sounds very feasibly possible. Relevant: dash! Yeah it is. Time: you name it lady, and then we'll cross reference working schedules, school schedules, baby-sitting options and movie timetables and see if there is one day in the next four thousand where they coincide. I see where the problem is now!

  2. Thank you for linking up for Passion For Fashion week after week! It means so much to me!

  3. Fabulous skirt!! I really need that. Thanks so much for linking up to the Trend Spin Linkup, don't forget next week is Stars & Stripes :)

    The Fashion Canvas

  4. I like that paisley print blouse, and I think our skirts are identical!! Thank you so much for linking up again!


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