Day 152: Gde Zhe Zhivut Serdtsem

Because I am slightly obsessed with looking at stats and privately cheering each blog visit I get and it's origin, I got to noticing the sources that come via a Google search. Do you look at this fellow bloggers? It is really quite strange what it is that people search for that lands them with you. Currently people have found their way to me with searches of the following calibre: 'the difference between samsonite b-lite and ...' [something else] ( product placement does work); 'all work and no play makes jack a dull boy' (that person must have seriously been interested in that phrase because I didn't find my blog on that search until the tenth page); 'followers of furs weaknesses' (I'm not even really sure what that means); and; 'the neurons in my brain' (I cannot imagine when or where I was rabbiting on about brain neurons, but I am not really that surprised). The Internet is a strange labyrinthine place of infinite weirdness and it makes me slightly afraid.

Irene               List_Addict

Have I told you that I think I was Russian in a former life? It is something to do with a sympathy and frustration with the inevitable un-use-ability of the communist system and a penchant for tea in glasses. I feel I may have been semi-intelligentsia or academia at the start of the twentieth century. I'm sure, maybe, a victim of Stalin's regime. I think it explains my reluctance to be in high end restaurants. I feel very uncomfortable and, basically, like I am faking it and shouldn't be there; like I am on the verge of being discovered and kicked out. It's the proletariat in me. There is a restaurant here that is the 'jewel in Indigo Pearl's crown'—the Black Ginger. V—— suggested we go. I twisted fate and got us to go to the Rivet restaurant on the resort instead. It was ever so much fine-dining too, but much more uncomfortable because I hadn't expected it to be. I would like to know what causes this discomfort in me beside my karmic heritage. V—— suggested it may be because its not our kind of lifestyle. What lifestyle is that I asked? Hedonistic. I can feel B—— falling off a Bosnian Internet cafe chair right about now. Maybe it is to do with illusion and a lack of authenticity. Do these places, and the people who do feel comfortable in them ever have a kind of truth to them, or is all about appearance and pretence? Do the very wealthy and the very affluent and the very famous consider themselves authentic? I suppose they do. It gets down to the subjective nature of truth. Different strokes for different folks.

The Outfit
Bikini: Thailand market
Top/dress: Op-shopped

The Holiday Photo

Cocktail: Stawberry Daiquiri, The Plumb Bob Bar; rum, lime, sugar syrup, strawberries
Steampunk: our door number

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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Life in a Break Down


  1. Looking good - relaxed and lovely!

    Hope you are having a relaxed and lovely hol.

    Dxx and Bug

  2. What a gorgeous looking Doll!
    Irene is not shabby either.

  3. wow love this dress :)

    Ha I love to read what people type in to land on my site, some are a bit worrying though!! I get lots of boys forced to wear girls dresses for some strange reason!!

    Thanks for linking up with us at the weekend blog hop :)


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