Day 153: I Wanna Peep Through The Deep Tangled Wildwood

Feeling particularly lazy because doing nothing begets the desire to do less, I'm borrowing writing ideas from Sunday Social on their one year anniversary today. Here goes:

Q: What is your favourite Social Media outlet?
A: In terms of use, obsessive behaviour towards and sheer wasted time spent on (counting those as indicators of favour) I am probably going to have to go with the love-hate relationship I have with Lookbook. Seems that my decision to abandon it as soon as I left for holidays has not come to fruition.

Q: Do you subscribe to any daily news feeds?
A: I don't do news. I work in emergency services and that is all the bad news I can deal with in a day—and, locally, it is actually more than you ever see broadcast, if you want to know a scary fact. I don't like that it makes me ignorant of what else is happening globally, but it's the price I pay for staying on the good side of the line between 'okay, let's do this' and 'omg, what is the point!'

Irene               List_Addict

Q: Favourite Magazine to have by the pool?
A: I'm much more a book-by-the-pool person, but if I was forced, and had no cost restraints I would go for the latest Marie Claire, the lastest World of Interiors and the September issue of Vogue.

Q: Favourite Summertime Song?
A: I do not think I seasonalise my faves. I suppose there are thematic summer songs I like but there is nothing I like just because it is summery. Did I ever tell you I am not really a summer fan? It's not normal, but it's the truth. Give me blustery, cold and miserable any day. Although it would be better if I had a decent heater to come home to.

Q: Favourite Summer concert you have ever been to?
A: It may be the only one, but I would have to say the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Before you judge me, try it! It's full of eccentric people and impromptu venues and singing in the street. People are relaxed and friendly and funny. There's music everywhere, so you can shop at K-Mart and Target (coz they're different there) while bopping away to violin savants. Always an adventure—you never know what you'll come away with.

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped
Bathers: Siren's Swimwear
Thongs/flip-flops: Havaianas
Sunnies: Gifted

The Holiday Photo

Cocktail: Rockarita, The Beach Club; tequila, triple sec, lime juice
Steampunk: signage at the bar with the billiards table

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. You are a beautiful person List Addict!
    TI AMO.

  2. I'm so impressed that even while on holiday you have co-ordinated dressing with Irene.


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