Day 199: Rolled Savoie Sponge with Blueberry Jam

The list this week from Meet Me At Mikes is 'The Best Snacks'. This list may not be unbaised given I am writing it in the middle of day one of the 'fasting' phase on my new 5:2 Diet (only allowed to have five hundred calories for the next two days). I have delayed and delayed my dinner for as long as I could all evening, but now the word 'snack' has started the rumbles. Better have another slug of the black sugarless coffee that is keeping everything at bay for the moment. What constitutes a snack? Are nachos a snack, for example? Or are they technically a meal. Do snacks have to be good for you? I'm thinking 'best' and 'good for you' are not always the same thing, so I'm going the former. Is it something that gets eaten only at eleven in the morning, three in the afternoon, or, four in the morning. I'm going to go with that last definition, although, being a shift worker, those could equally be known as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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* Nachos. I love nachos. Especially with frijoles and home made guacamole. Oh my gosh! My tummy is doing flips.

* Dips. Either with rice crackers or slices of capsicum, carrot and pear. I live spicy chilli ones, good hummus or odd flavours like beetroot and feta. Yum!

* Cake. Is cake a snack? If it is, I prefer a fruit or vegetable based one rather than chocolate. Lemon brulee, lemon meringue, flourless orange, carrot cake; something like that.

* Wasabi Peas. Such a strange, roller-coaster ride of a snack. It's a game of how much you can eat before the top of your head blows off. Which is usually not much.

* And my newest favourite snack—Rolled Savoy Sponge with Blueberry Jam. But technically that is just more cake.

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Cardigan: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

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  1. If I've over-indulged in chocolate and cheese and, say, chips, to make myself feel better the next day I do enjoy a lovely big dill pickle for a snack and pickle juice on my salads.

  2. Love this look! Obsessed with tulle!


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