Day 190: Breton Cotriade (Fish Stew)

I've never really been a fan of the fish stew. Or any stew actually. 'Stew' is one of those funny words that has a negative connotation for me. It's like a fish 'over-analysis', a fish 'contemplation with angst', a fish 'chagrin', a fish 'peevishness'. You get what I am trying to say? Maybe I just like things done a little more quickly. If you don't mind a a fish 'worry', then here is a link to Gabriel Gate's Taste le Tour recipe for Stage Ten of the Tour de France.

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In my (deluded) attempt to try and finish eighty-nine books in the second part of the year—as opposed to the eleven I read in the first half—I have finished a book. One down, eighty-eight to go. The book was Jo Nesbo's The Bat, his first Harry Holt mystery, only recently translated and available to the non-Norwegian-speaking public. I had been on the periphery of information about Nesbo. Heard of him, thought he was a woman. Apparently he is amazingly famous and well-selling. Even my mum is a fan. In this novel, seriously flawed detective Harry Hole is sent to assist Sydney police with the investigation of the murder of a Norwegian back-packer. He gets very invested, discovers a bigger and badder serial killer is involved, and risks life and limb, and emotional sanity, to solve the case. Out-of-jurisdiction novels always throw me. I don't understand why the locals need these often troubled and alcoholic detectives to come into their patch and do the hard-thinking, case-cracking biz. Always seems a little insulting to the local force. It was all fun and games, affairs in the Sydney Aquarium and lost drunken comas, chases, suspense and good results. I have just had a sneak peek at the next book and it turns out Harry will be on a plane again, this time because the Bangkok police are inadequate(?). I'll try it, but when it comes around to me by chance rather than seeking it out. There is still this matter of the great reputation of Nesbo that I need to verify. In time.

I'm linking to Walking in Memphis in High Heels and The Fashion Canvas' Trend Spin Link-up this week for the theme Stars or Stripes. I thought about it and my favourite striped item are these shoes which started my love for Irregular Choice—a love that knows no bounds. I may not seem overly stripey, but those are stripes of the heart!

The Outfit
Jacket: Op-shopped
Skirt: Barkins
Belt-as-tie: From an op-shopped pair of jeans
Tights: Retail
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?


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  1. Those are some fierce shoes! I've never heard of irregular choice shoes but need to check them out! Love he red stripes! Thanks for linking up again and see you again soon! ; )


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