Day 198: Yabby and Truffle Turnover

Best movies with court room scenes? To Kill a Mockingbird. Primal Fear. Liar Liar. Twelve Angry Men (jury more than court). The Accused. The problem with these good movies is I now have elevated expectations and an insatiable desire to be chosen for the jury duty I have recently been advised I am possibly to be sequestered for (if I am lucky). I am so excited. The reality will, I am sure, be a number of other truths. One: knowing I work in conjunction with the emergency industry, with police specifically, they will think I am not a good candidate. Two: if I am lucky enough to get through I will probably get a case that involves incredibly boring white collar crime. And, three: none of the dramatics and theatrics that happen in movies are ever likely to happen in real life. Regardless, I am still crossing my fingers.

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I love filling out forms. In a way they are a mini survey into your own you-ness. They tell and remind you of things about yourself. So I have sent the form back to the jury people and have discovered the following about myself: I am not the Attorney General. I do not work anywhere in the legal or judicial industry. I have not committed treason or any other indictable crime. I am not bankrupt. I have no holiday planned between now and the thirty-first of October. I don't live an unreasonable distance form my court system. I don't have any reason that procludes me from serving on a jury. It is a lot of don'ts, but I think they are some worthy ones to cross off the list.

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  1. You forgot "A Few Good Men" - 'YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH'.

    I did jury duty for a day a few years ago. No luck getting on a trial though. Each time a case comes up the call in about 4 times as many people as they need for the jury. I went to about 5 of these cattle calls, but never even made it to the short list.

    If nothing else you'll get lots of reading done.

    1. You know, I thought about that one too, but there is something about that movie I don't like. The something may be Tom Cruise. And now I really want to do it if it means lots of reading!!

  2. I also enjoy 'Shadow Play' from The Twilight Zone (Season 2), poor Adam Grant.


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