Day 185: Cherry Salad in Strawberry and Raspberry Coulis

Favourite childhood TV shows is the third of the lists on Meet Me At Mikes 52 Lists project. Pip, bless your heart and with the greatest of sweetness meant, I think you are like me. From all evidence I can gather the 52 Lists project appears to peter out at twenty-one. Seeing as I started half way through the year, it probably means I can triumphantly finish at the end of the year as if the nothing at the beginning of the year never happened. Which it didn't. Perfect.

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In South Africa, where I spent my first eleven years, they came to television late. About '75 I believe. I remember getting our TV and the first thing on was the Brady Bunch. Screening started about six in the evening and finished at eleven or midnight and half the night would be English transmissions, half Afrikaans. I learnt my small amount of Afrikaans this way: Ons vra verskoning vir die kort onderbreking (We ask for pardon for the short break in transmission). Given the times, TV was more directed to adults and so the things I remember watching are things like jumping in bed with my parents (being the oldest and slightly less constricted by bed time) and watching Dallas. It was very grown up. The Avengers was another one that I loved. What was the go with Mrs Peel and Mr Steed? I don't actually recall watching 'children's television' as such. Maybe that why I was such a grown-up when I was young and such an infant now.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Cape: Op-shopped
Belt: Retail
Boots: Swedish Hasbeens

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. I use to love watching 'Lost in Space' as a kid.
    "Oh the pain dear William, the pain."
    Hogan's Hero's 'Colonel Hogan!!!".
    'I know NOTHING.'

  2. I loved watching "Gunsmoke" and "Bonanza" with my grandfather, while eating bowls of vanilla ice cream. Love your TV memoirs, and your splendid cape and boots! Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday.

    1. Ah, Bonanza, that's right. And Little House on the Prairie. Thanks for the jolt!

  3. Reruns of Gilligans Island. It was so much fun to see all their adventures.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Yes, and how fabulous that the stylings of both Mary-Ann and Ginger are both so available again. They always looked fabulous even though they were stranded.

  4. Your title just makes me hungry for lovely summer fruits, or sorbet. I love those yellow boots - really attention-getters.

    We had a boxed set of The Avengers, 1966, a few years ago. They're very entertaining, but you never really know who they work for or why. But Mrs. Peel - what a classy dame!


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