Day 207: Random Samplings of an Unstill Mind

Normally it is milk. I use a long life lactose-free one. The boy doesn't like to see anything less than a crate of them in reserve on my shelf in the kitchen. They get snuck in when I am not there. At the moment though, it is toilet paper being snuck. I now have fifty-four rolls. 'In case', he said. Maybe there will be a world-wide shortage. Or some sort of a toilet-paper-deficit apocalypse. Overnight another two rolls appeared. It is tantamount to an OCD. I worry slightly about that boy.

Friday night equals SYTYCD. For the first night of competition the choreographers did not hold back. The standard is insane. Christopher Scott is the new 'bomb' choreographer! And he always looks like he is going to cry at the end of his protégée's performances. There was no shortage of props for day one, including a couple who danced with blindfolds. They must have been able to see through them. Otherwise it was incredible trust and knowledge of each other's presence. Cat did a sort of jig on the stage. That girl is gorgeous, but she dances like my boy and that is saying something. Sorry V——.

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I accidentally ordered five new pairs of shoes. The accident metaphor would be easier to believe if it had been in one transaction, but it was more that I accidentally ordered one pair and then I accidentally ordered four more pairs. Both from different websites. I am accidentally eager for them to arrive. It will probably happen as soon as I go to sleep today for night shift. Don't care. Wake me up Mr Postman!

I have received my first piece of sample lint. So hilarious. At first glance it does appear to be different from my own. But I need to dry out a piece of mine as I only ever really see it wet. I'm waiting on other volunteers. Email me.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Jacket: Op-shopped
Leg-warmers: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Op-shopped

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. I think you should ask Cat Deeley for her lint. And then tell her to shut her gob - the show's not about her! God, she drives me crazy.

    My husband also collects toilet paper. ("It's a good price. We'll always use it.") Mind you, if I used as much as he does, I'd probably be fanatic, too.

  2. I accidentally ordered 2 dresses last week. I hate it when that happens.



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