Day 203: Taking Another Wagon

The twenty-five for twenty- five is back on. I am that Pinterest pin that says 'If you don't like starting over, don't quit'. I am it in the bad way. I quit. And then I reluctantly, or even sometimes eagerly, start over again. The good thing though is that although I'm starting again, it is not at the beginning. Of the twenty-five kilos I want to lose, I have only twenty-three to go. And maybe in my number based goal (25 F(or)25), a symmetrically numbered method (let's call it the 2:5 Diet) will prove to be a success and I won't quit. Again.

List_Addict               Irene

I had my first 'fast' days on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The (by me) newly re-ratio-ed 2:5 Diet (or Fast Diet) involves eating normally five days a week and then for two (preferably, but not essentially, consecutive) days having only a quarter of the calorie allowance (five hundred for women, six hundred for men). It went exceptionally well. I divided the calories into two meals. For breakfast a weetbick (is that the singular noun for a weetbix?), milk, and a boiled egg (I even donated the second yolk in one of them to the dog-bowl to stay in the count). For dinner a Thai beef salad and one passion fruit. And, all day, water and black coffee with no sugar. There was a hour-and-a-half working stint where I couldn't remember a single thing I had done or not done (eek) and I had dinner after that. And the one a.m. coffee-runners forgot and got me a latte (which I drank). But all in all, I think I will do it again next week and there is no reason at all to quit at this stage!

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped
Cardigan: Op-shopped
Skirt: Sook, a little, but awfully cute, shop in the main street of Kuta, Bali
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. Great outfit, love your skirt, whoo will keep a look out on how the diet goes, I start one on Monday I hope I can do it :)

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop :)

  2. Great to hear the diet is going well.

    What fab gams you have.


  3. Gorgeous gams. You have willpower of steel.


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