Day 183: Eeuow, Personally, But Today is Ratatouille

And with that simple number, half the year is gone. Gone! Scary. There is so much I wanted to do that I haven't done. Where does all the time go. Maybe I need to make a to do list and make myself accountable. Let's do it: I am curious as to what will end up on there. I can't really remember what it is I have forgotten to do. I'll pop in a progress report so I can check back later and see if any advance has been made to this list.

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Project: Finish off all my knitting projects from last year's project/blog.
Progress Report: One hundred and twenty projects; seven completely finished.

Project: Finish writing all my List_Addict lists for the 2010 blog.
Progress Report: Three hundred and sixty-five lists; three hundred and thirty-six posted; one hundred and fifty completely finished.

Project: Catch up all the posts for my LEJOG blog. (Mmm, pattern. Makes me realise that one hundred and eighty three days of continual blogging this year is quite an achievment)
Progress Report: Trip One, some done, some not. Same with trip two. Trip three one hundred percent done.

Project: Read one hundred books this year.
Progress Report: Ummm, well, sort of. Um. Ten. That is running a tad behind.

Project: Open all my mail for the last two years. (Yep, you heard, it's unopened. In piles. I'm not proud.) And then do my tax for the last two years.
Progress Report: New regime in place as of yesterday where I open and put away minimum five and up to ten letters a day. Yesterday went well. Once the mail is done, filed in the little tax folders then we are all systems go to find a tax agent again. I think my last one has moved.

Project: Paint and re-organise the study, finishing painting the bathroom, and sort out the back bathroom and laundry with their many, many issues.
Progress Report: No progress.

Project: Throw out/donate/gift/e-bay lots and lots of stuff. De-clutter. Dreaded word.
Progress Report: No progress. In fact regress with a planned op-shop trip in less than two weeks. Let me work on this.

Project: Turn my photos into journey books. Including maybe scanning the hard copy photos onto disks and doing those too.
Progress Report: Ha ha. Yeah. Just made this up to get to ten to-do's so no progress at all.

Project: Backing up everything onto an external hard drive.
Progress Report: This is a fabulous idea. Zero progress but just need to buy one and I 'll be sorted.

Project: Applying for my PhD. (Although I am not really sure this is something I still want to do, and if it's not, it needs to be replaced with writing a book. Either way I need to come up with some sort of a plan.)
Progress Report: Ah, puppy. Ooh, think I can get through level twenty-seven of Candy Crush Saga and then I will be able to analyse this.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Jacket: Op-shopped
Shoes: from Bali

Photographer de Jour: Moi

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  1. Christ, I'm overwhelmed just reading that list. May I suggest you let go of the past, get your tax done so you are not fined and, once completed, start work on your book (leave the PhDs to the boring uncreative people, I can say that, because I have been toying with the idea of doing a PhD for 20 years, but only because I could never write a book).

    1. I thought you were writing a book. That is the story going around the party circuit. The worst thing, and I would never say this to you being in finance and all that, is that the tax department actually will owe me. A lot. I know. I am obviously not motivated by money.

    2. Or at least not motivated enough to get over the pain of doing a tax return. Having no money my tax return is quite simple, so every year I do it myself and every year I say "never again, next year I'm going to a tax agent". The pain wears off, so I'll be doing my own again this year.

      Perhaps promise yourself a choccie bickie for every hour you spend on yours. And listen to Jillian Michael's latest podcast, because she takes a call from a woman who keeps "backsliding" and talks her through how to deal with it - which to my mind gives you an excuse for the choccie bickies because tax returns are so infrequent.

      As for the book, I've found I have a large dose of writers block. I haven't got past my one sentence description (being step 1 of the snow flake method) and it's been so long I'm not sure I remember the one sentence description anymore (Something like "a corporate debt collector discovers there is more to life than money"). There, now if I forget I can trawl through your blog comments to find it again.

      Step 2 is to expand the sentence into a paragraph, based on a 3-act structure, ie
      1. start with bad situation, resolve it
      2. discover solution created another bad situation, resolve it
      3. discover that solution created a further bad situation - resolve through either happy or sad ending.

      I'm stuck at this step. I'm thinking I need to find/develop a new creative process which involves just writing down thoughts at random and worrying about how they fit together later. (I love that I get to use the creative process in relation to myself, perhaps I will get stuck into writing the book again).

  2. Why not do your PhD on the merits of not doing your PhD?


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