Day 256: The Hot Tamale Train

When I am right, I am just right! Sorry to come over so humble. Not! But when, at the beginning of I'm-not-even-open-to-argument-ly the BEST year ever, in the history of everness, of So You Think You Can Dance, I said that Aaron and Jasmine should win it, I was right. They should. I am not sure if they will. I think we have one week to go for that. Or, I could Google it. But I won't. But they should. Saying that, Fik-shun and Amy are sensational. This season brings tears to my eyes with it's beauty. It's like puppies. You think that you could never have a puppy as precious and as much loved as that totally adored first puppy. You almost don't want to get another in case comparison kills all possibility of love, but the next one wins your heart in her own mad way. Thank goodness. Otherwise I would not be able to watch So You Think You Can Dance ever again after this year.

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For those who didn't, couldn't or wouldn't (what is wrong with you??) watch, here are the links to the very best, in my humble opinion, of the night. Jasmine and Fik-shun showing that a height difference is not an excuse with a Travis contemporary routine. Jasmine choosing out of her comfort zone for dancer's choice and hip-hopping on the bike I want to get. (That reminds me, must go bike-shopping.) Aaron and Melinda making tap talk. Fik-shun one-upping Psi. Fik-shun and Twitch—I'm not bothering to even explain what is good-times-infinity about that combination—watch for the 'old-man walk. And Street Fik-shun and Tap Aaron doing old-school Broadway, with a conveyor belt. Good luck to you all—you all deserve to be America's (and everyone else in the world that is watching's) Favourite Dancer!

The Outfit
Tag-in, Tag-out Project in play, with one item each day carried to the next
Dress (Tag-in): Op-shopped (and yes, there are two little button holes right in an awkward spot that come out on film quite predominantly—something is obviously missing from this dress!)
Tights: Retail
Cuff (Tag-out): Op-shopped
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Cheeky Moose'

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. I've already seen the end so I'll be quiet and just say that I loved Jasmine!! Gorgeous, legs like Cyd Charisse (did someone tell her that), and so strong. And Fik-shun - so cute, so charismatic. He stole the limelight from Twitch.

    Now the outfit, the buttons are in a very odd place, unless you like that kind of attention. But really, the shoes should be getting all the attention, and I wonder if I can do that to some old shoes.

  2. I don't have a TV anymore. Well that isn't true...we got rid of our cable about 6 months ago and now only watch Netflix or certain series. I used to be addicted to SYTYCD when it was on though.

    I would love to see a close-up of your necklace. It is flowers?

    Also the tights are cool.


    1. It is flowers. I keep meaning to try making my own. I love it, I've heard of this netflix thing but haven't got my head around it - don't think we have it out in the backwaters here.

  3. So you must go Bike Shopping? Hmmm

    1. Don't make me use your full name here in a high pitched tone of warning/pleading!!!!!

  4. such a pretty dress and the detail on the the IC shoes is immense! Thanks so much for linking up to Passion For Fashion, i hope to see you tomorrow! xx


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