Day 260: Float Like a Bee, Sting Like a Butterfly

There is boxing, and then there is eating. Is signing up for boxing a good thing if it means that when I get home I eat? And eat. And eat. It makes me starving. But without the boxing, the eating is a much worse issue, so the boxing needs to happen. We signed up at our local boxing gym last week and yesterday was the first session. I love being at boxing, I love punching the bag. I love sweating like mad. I hate going to boxing, I hate that I am the chubbiest person there and have to verify that by watching myself box in a big mirror, I hate turning into a colour I didn't realise existed: redder-than-beetroot. I'm not a gym person. In my (limited) experience, I have found them to be environments meant only for the already-trim and the vainly beautiful. I realise that I may have gone to the wrong places, but I am guessing that I am not the only person who feels this way. The irony of gyms seems to be you need to get fit and healthy on your own before you attend there—and then why do you need to bother to go? The boxing gym is slightly better, but it does depend on what class you go to. I have to persist though. And maybe one day I will feel better because some newbie arrives who seems to be bigger than me. Then I will feel bad for thinking so.

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Update for my 5:2 Diet while I'm talking body image. Ahhh. I'm back-on-track-ish and have been doing mostly well, having two separate fasting days every eight days of my rotating shift schedule. It's the right direction. I have a pair of boyfriend jeans that I bought at a recent K-Mart spree for nineteen dollars. I make sure I try them on every day because they don't fit. One of two things have happened in the last few years: either I have become bigger than the size I think I am, or, sizes have become smaller. I know which one I should hedge my bets on, but I will probably take the long odds. But trying to get those jeans closed every day does work to make me think twice about getting a bickie. If I get to a third thought, the theory falls apart but luckily most thoughts don't. I haven't weighed myself for ages so I have no idea if it's working. I'm just going to rely on those jeans. When you see them here, you will know I have been doing the right thing!

The Outfit
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Dress (Tag-out): Op-shopped
Cardigan (Tag-in): Op-shopped
Belt: Retail
Shoes: Poetic Licence from Irregular Choice 'Backlash'

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  1. Float like a Butterfly, sting like a Bee. You can't hit what you can't see.
    I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark.

    Muhammad Ali

  2. I too turn so red it's almost purple when I workout. I don't do gyms. I'm a germaphobe and those are like stepping straight into a petri dish. I'd rather just sweat and turn purple at home or out running on my own with no one around to ask me if I'm going to pass out.

    I have often wanted to join a gym though because people seem to be so much more motivated and hung-ho. Also as you mentioned beautiful and buff. So I'm excited for you.

    I really like this outfit on you. Rockabilly meets Little House on the Prairie.


    1. I forgot about germs! I suppose what I should do is think about the people watching opportunities. They are plentiful. A friend goes to one of those really dodgy gyms where you can imagine they deal steroids in the locker room and a bicep doesnt come in under 80 cms. That would be an interesting place. Thanks!!


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