Day 263: Goddammit!!

Goddammit!! The best ever year of SYTYCD is over. There were tears. Like they said, there was no way to choose a winner badly (although I would have loved it if Jasmine had won). Tears fell out of my eyes, but I grinned and cheered for the whole show too. It was stupendous. Pure, amazing entertainment!

Goddammit!! There is a serious plot error in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. I found it. I double and triple checked it and I thought I added it to this blog list of mine (lots of 'works in progress' on that blog). But I thought wrong. And it seems that no-one else has noticed it—there are lots and lots of blogs about all the other errors in that book, but not the one I found. All this means I have had to add another book to the pile, because now I have to work it out again!

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Goddammit!! Okay, firstly, confession time. I have a device, meant for entertainment of a sort, on which there may, or may not be, a few items of said entertainment-type that have been donated to me in a not-altogether moral or honest fashion. You know what I am saying. I don't feel good about it. But this is probably karma. Turns out that recently I have purchased some of these entertainment bitties, only to find out that I already had them. Like I said, karma!

Goddammit!! It's daylight savings. I spent a night of confusion fluctuating between times because my phone and i-Pad changed automatically at two a.m., but my clock didn't. It was a night of 'ooh, it's only blah; no, it's blah; oh, maybe it's blah', and really, who knows? But ultimately it's a lost hour of sleep. And I made the mistake of checking my roster for the day it goes back—April 6th, 2014—and realised we are working overnight. (Yes, I can check my roster that far ahead; I could tell you what I am working the week containing 27 June, 2021 if needed. Very depressing!) That means we get to work a thirteen hour shift that day for the price of twelve. There will be a stronger word than 'Goddammit!!' used when the clock does this: 01:59:57, 01:59:58, 01:59:59, 01:00:00. There will be tears!

The Outfit
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Shirt: K-Mart
Dress (Tag-in): Op-shopped
Cardigan (Tag-out): Op-shopped
Necklace: Lovisa
Shoes: Urban Soul

Photographer de Jour: V——

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  1. Well, let's hope things are looking up right soon! : ). Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday.

  2. Working an hour for free? That definately deserves a swear.



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