Day 145: Maybe We Can Eventually Make Language a Complete Impediment to Understanding

For my Mother ....

After a conversation regarding an unfortunate bicycle accident and its consequential twelve point solution to a contraceptive issue, my mother verbed her noun, and then dared me to use it here. This is the dare. This is the word: vasectomise. We brainstormed other ways to use it beside the obvious. For example, can you vasectomise the streets around you in order to have a street party? My theory is that if you can't do the real thing for a party (in your pants), only to open everything up again the next day to normal traffic, then you can't do it for the street party either. The 'street' analogy only works for the sort of street they close permanently, like, for example, when they build a freeway and the street that used to go that way doesn't make it to being an exit. It gets vasectomised.

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'Ways of thinking' have a great potential to be vasectomised as well. As an example: 'I used to think that people who owned cats were a little crazy, but since adopting Fluffsticks from the pound, I have vasectomised that way of thinking.' The english language is not short of words and so for pratical closures of things that were once open it is possibly redundant, unless we are talking about sperm ducts, but as a metaphor I think it is quite useable and full of poetic(?) nuance.

P.S: Title of this blog is a quote from Calvin and Hobbs.

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  1. Sounds like an urban myth I once heard or told! Well done.

  2. Thanks for linking upto welcome to the weekend blog hop, loving your shoes, you have the best selection of shoes I have ever seen, love them all :)


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