Day 150: Watching the Dawn

Wonderful things, like lotuses, often come from not such fabulous circumstances. Because I worked night shift, had half an hour sleep, took Lollii down to the coast for her hols, slept two more hours, flew to Thailand with a four or five hour extremely broken sleep, made it to the hotel, walked around this new-to-us beach area of Nai Yang and had a swim (so, in other words, slept about ten hours in fifty), I ended up with the most intense migraine. I then slept all last night from about seven and it means that now, at five a.m, I am out on my balcony watching Phuket Island wake up. Watching and listening. It is a cacophony out here with all the birds and insects waking with the light. And, despite slathering myself in stinky stuff and still being mossie-bit fifteen times already, it is stunning. I don't get to see this time of the day that often—not this side of sleeping at any rate.

List_Addict               Irene

There hasn't been a great chance to explore the place we are staying yet. We have managed to find two pools, a pool bar, the exit to the beach and the pool table, but there is lots more to discover I am sure. On information I garnered from a neighbour's recent visit, Nai Yang beach is a quieter beach than the usual suspects (Patong, Karon, Kata), but still with lots of local places to eat and drink and shop and massage. And it is only a few minutes away from the airport, which is adjacent to the water park, which is one of V——'s favourite holiday activities, so we thought we would try it. I can't recall where our neighbour stayed, but it may have been here too. It seems like one of the nicest options in the area, right near the beach and wackily different from many Thai resorts. It is called the Indigo Pearl. I'm loving the steam punk feel that they have created as homage (please pronounce that with a j—homaj—I always think its more sophisticated that way) to Phuket's tin mining heritage. I just love industrial art. Here are some of the other things I love so far: a deep amazing bath on our balcony; feather pillows; an industrial sized pool table; a rope-pulled barge over to one of the restaurants; a dress code. I'll share what else I find with you.

The Outfit
Shirt: Op-shopped
Dress: Primark

The Holiday Photo

This holiday, the holiday photo will feature a cocktail a day and a steam punk feature of the hotel a day.
Cocktail: Pink Mojito, The Beach Club; rum, muddled mint and lime, grenadine, sugar and soda water
Steampunk: that aforementioned bath on the balcony

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. There is a bath on your balcony? I'm in.

    so jealous right now


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