Day 130: A Lookbook

I have been seduced onto another social network. I am, by all appearances, now the oldest and chubbiest member of Or maybe the others haven't yet made it to the 'Hot', 'New' or 'Top' pages either. You have to have 'karma' to get seen. Currently, and even though I thought I was quite a good person essentially, my karma is at zero. Can you, if you have a mo', pop over here, to my profile page, and 'hype' me. That is speak for 'like'. (I have to learn a whole new social media language—I'm not always super quick with that. I don't at all get Twitter. I mean to say 'Twitter is a place for tweets'; instead it comes out 'Tweeter is a place for twits'. Mmm, who is the biggest twit of all: #furearwig) Being hyped is the only way I will get karma. I appreciate your time. It is important to me that I have new spaces for gathering statistics. Numbers are nice.

List_Addict               Irene

You know how you watch The Amazing Race partly for the way they describe the couples. There will be 'Dating Two Weeks', or 'Ex-Feuding Neighbours' or 'Outlawed Motorcycle Gang Initiates'. Well, if you love those then I would totally recommend you also join Sometimes I forget to look at the pictures because the descriptors are so good. What the bejeebers is a 'modelographer'? Queen of Donuts? Self proclaimed 'lunchbox collector'. Twenty year old Penguin from Finland (I didn't think, one, they lived that long, and two, they could wear heels). Vampire Slayer—oh good, they do exist. I think I need to come up with something more imaginative. Suggestions anyone? I also love trying to work out what age it is that people stop allowing their age to be a part of their descriptor. Can you work it out? The oldest I have seen so far is twenty-six. And there is a weird phenomenon happening with some of the triptychs. Too often for coincidence, and so I believe deliberately, people put two photos together which makes it look like they have disproportionately huge feet. Like this. It is too common. My theory is that it is a sub-culture. Step aside Pinterest. It certainly seems like I will get amusement from this for a while at least. Until nobody hypes me and it all goes the way of my MySpace account. Got another minute? Hit the hype button again for me, won't you.

The Outfit
Slip (worn as a dress that looks like a skirt): Op-shopped
Top: Op-shopped
Earrings and Bracelets: CCJJSS
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Who knew social media could offer such magnificent fodder for satire? (= Probably everyone. Twenty six seriously is the last mentionable age? Yikes. I remember when I turned 25 (two babes clinging to my knees by then) and it dawned on me: I was too old to enter a Miss America pageant (!!!). Not that I ever wanted to (the fact that I was a Mrs only a slight deterrent, in the face of my age handicap). I just hated that my options--at least socially--were diminishing. At such a very young age. And now I'm forty three. And I've learned something...all I have to do is stay mostly ambulatory and marginally coherent, and I could probably win a pageant for old ladies when I'm in my 80's. Something to look forward to. Lynaea @

    1. I have got all the way up to a 33 year old now! Did you see that model recently who is in her eighties and looks magnificet. In fact she looks letter than she did when she was young. Carmen Dell'Orefice. I think we should embrace the outrageous in aging! Thanks for popping by!

  2. Stevie B certainly needs to reconsider his arrangement - not only large feet but very short legs.

  3. WOW WHEE! It appears The Social Media Network is growing at a exponential rate. What next?


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