Day 127: What Do You Do?

On many of the blogs I read I kept seeing this 'Blog Everyday in May' thing. Today I followed its links to the source. I am blogging every day this year so I thought I was eligible to play, even if it was a dip in here and there. Mostly I liked yesterday's question. I thought I would answer it: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the qestion 'what do you do'?

There seem to be two ways to interpret the question. At first I thought it meant how would you describe what you do for work if you can't say what it is you actually do. I'll answer that first. I help emergency responders to help those in an emergency. I'm a filter. I am a messenger. In a small way I do puzzles, even if sometimes it is a squeeze to make all the pieces fit. I try to use information to make sure the people I am helping stay safe—it is only information though, and all the danger carried is theirs. That is sobering. Especially when the first person they call out to when something goes wrong is me as their viaduct to assistance. I am not important, but I think what I do is. I worry each day I am there about doing it the best way I can. And, luckily and for the most part, I leave that worry there for the next time I go to work. I am grateful that work stays at work, and home is everywhere else.

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The everywhere else was the second way I could see the question applying: what do you do when you are doing other than what you 'do'. We aren't always our jobs after all. I manage to do what seems like nothing but which fills up all my time. I sleep too much. But usually to make up for the times when I don't sleep enough (shift work). I spend a lot more time on this blog than I ever thought possible (this was to be the easy blog, a photo a day, and lots of time spent catching up on all the other unfinished projects I have—pfeeeh! Good one.) I slip small precious nuggets of reading in when I can. And I waste an awful amount of time otherwise. I have momentary wishes about 'doing' great things, but ultimately I love to hide away from the world in my little house and amuse myself. Not very exciting, but I like it.

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  1. I Volunteer for the Junior League. I have had much better small talk conversations since I started asking people about their charity work instead of their jobs.

  2. I love your little House and the occupants therein.

  3. Nothing beats amusing yourself at home. I am a big supporter. Unless I'm able to amuse myself somewhere else with a friend. I guess the key here is "amuse." What important work you do... Thanks.
    Love your photo. It is elusive.


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